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Republican Tax Reform Bill: How Will It Affect You?

Looming republican tax reform has left many taxpayers wondering how and when they’ll feel the effects of the forthcoming bill. Republican lawmakers have just released their $1.5 trillion proposal fo...

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Who Can I Claim as a Dependent?
The following series will address frequently asked questions. From the most pressing general questions about what to claim, to specific issues applying to niche groups of taxpayers, we have all of the answers to common questions covered. This questio...
The Tax Moves Business Owners Need to Make Before Year End
When you start a new business, it’s easy to get caught up in running everything and forget about paying taxes. But you need to plan ahead to avoid a surprise in April. To lower your tax bill and avoid penalties, make these three moves before th...
Lowering Your Taxes by Saving for Retirement Now
Every U.S. citizen who pays their income taxes annually most likely wants to find ways to lower their tax bill. Luckily, however, there are some simple ways you can reduce the burden of your tax stress — and one of the best ways is to start put...
Tax Breaks for Hurricane Victims
It has been a particularly devastating season for hurricanes across North America and beyond. People living everywhere from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean to Texas and Florida are just beginning to deal with the devastation brought to their lives, bel...
Selling on Etsy or Ebay? Meet Form 1099-K
As the economy shifts around, businesses change, and so do your taxes. As a result, Form 1099-K is showing up more and more in taxpayers’ mailboxes. But what is it for exactly, and how do you use it to file? It’s simple, we promise. Here’s ever...
Are Electric Vehicles Worth the Tax Investment?
Many people have heard about the electric vehicle tax credit and want to know if it makes buying an electric vehicle worth the investment. Whether it is worth it in your case depends on the circumstances of your return. There are a number of factors ...
Making Federal Tax Payments: What You Should Know
Working for yourself comes with the benefit being flexible to make your own schedule, but it also comes with the responsibility of paying your own federal taxes. As an employee, you can expect to pay your federal taxes at the end of the tax year, but...
Top IRS Penalties and How to Avoid Them
While the IRS will never win a popularity contest, failing to obey tax laws or submitting a tax return with mistakes can subject you to penalties and fines. Use this penalty checklist as a guide to prepare accurate and timely tax returns. Tax Mistake...
Tax Changes Coming for 2017
While many taxpayers consider January through April to be tax season, taxes are a year-round endeavor. Make sure you’re up to date on tax changes coming for 2017 to save yourself time and money at filing time. 2017 Tax Brackets and Deductions L...
7 Quick Tips for Better Financial Footing
When you think about your taxes, the first thing that probably springs to mind is how much money you pay each year on your tax bill. However, there are ways in which you can save money on your tax bill, apply for credits and deductions and ensure a m...
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