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Tax Audit Red Flags to Avoid

If you had a fantastic year last year where profits went through the roof, congratulations! Unfortunately your good fortune and hard work could also make you a target for an IRS audit. Any changes in your circumstances, however seemingly innocuous, can trigger an audit. But the good news is that there are ways to sail […]

What Triggers the Need to Amend Your Tax Return?

Picture this: you file your taxes early, kick back your feet, relax, and then…a 1099 from an odd job comes in the mail. Do you need to amend your return? What if you’ve already had your return approved? We give you the lowdown here. For a sigh of relief, these are the situations when you […]

Olympic Winnings Raided By IRS

Legislation Would Make Olympic Winnings Tax Free The 2012 Olympics have just ended, but not the tax bills for American athletes that brought a medal across the pond. Winning Olympic gold, silver or bronze is no easy task. An enduring fete, the personal reward can last a lifetime. But the medals come with some cash, […]

Rap and R&B Musicians Who Owed Back Taxes

It May Be Hip To Hop Over IRS Tax Liens Musicians and back taxes seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly, and rap music and R&B performers are no exception. Rappers love to rap about money, but once they end up owing back taxes to the IRS and face multiple IRS liens, they […]

Casey Anthony Escapes Jail, Not Tax Fines

Prosecutors Go After Accused Mom to Pay Case Costs Casey Anthony may have been acquitted for the murder of her 2-year old daughter, Caylee, but Florida prosecutors are still trying to make her pay. It’s not in jail time, but state prosecutors are looking to make the 25-year old female-in-hiding pay back local law enforcement […]

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