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How to Resolve Tax Liens on Your Business or Home

When you neglect or fail to pay a tax debt, a lien protects the government’s interest in your property. The lien arrives only after your liability has been assessed and you’ve been sent a notice, called a Notice and Demand for Payment, indicating how much you owe, which will be upwards of $5,000. The IRS […]

IRS Payment Plans: Facts to Know Beforehand

Many of those with back taxes know about the payment plans the IRS offers, called installment agreements. This option has saved many from accruing extra interest and getting in deep tax trouble. But before you file that Form 9465, read the tips below to ensure you’re making the best choice for your financial situation. #1 […]

The 411 on FBAR

Following increased IRS regulation, we’ve kept you in the know about how to report hidden money overseas, which includes using the special form known as FBAR, and still holds true in order to maintain a clean financial record. Hopefully you’ve done due diligence in reporting! Here’s a deeper dive into the form, as it’s utilized […]

The Tax Benefits of Owning A Boat

You might’ve stored old faithful now that summer’s come and gone, but owning a boat is just like owning any other property – it must be reported when tax season rolls around. Here’s what you need to know for a successful filing, whether you’ve had one for years or in the market to buy. Mortgage […]

How to Write Off the Company Holiday Party

The turkey’s been stuffed and we all survived Black Friday, which means all of December’s holidays are right around the corner. We’re sure you have your share of soirees to attend, but did you know your company’s holiday party can be written off as a business expense? Uncle Sam has a gift for you – […]

Taxpayers Beware: What You Need to Know About IRS Impersonators

At the end of October, 20 arrests were made in connection to a lengthy IRS impersonation scam, that involved persons in 8 states in the U.S., as well as some in India, where the head conspirators resided. Fortunately, these scammers have been rightfully charged by the Department of Justice, but they got away stealing over […]

Roger That: Tax Breaks for Military Servicemen and Women

As a man or women of service, Uncle Sam would like to salute you. Read below to become familiar with the tax breaks you can rightfully claim next tax season. State tax break If you’ve been re-located to a state and would like to maintain your previous permanent residency in another state, you can certainly […]

How Your Health Benefits Affect Your Taxes

Your health accounts and medical expenses are probably a large component on your financial radar – it’s important to know the ins and outs to ensure you are taking advantage of what’s offered to you and how this affects your taxes. From account types to deductions, read below and make informed decisions on your health […]

Tax Problems Not Limited: Celebrities in Tax Trouble

Not Limited To Average Joes Getting into tax debt is no laughing matter, but it’s not limited to average people. When it comes to celebrities in tax trouble, there’s the usual suspects of Wesley Snipes and Nicolas Cage. Financial problem can lead famous actors and musicians to ask themselves one simple question: “How can I […]

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