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How Early Can I File My Taxes in 2021?

After a tumultuous 2020, we’ve finally reached the finished line. Welcome to 2021! Here’s hoping for a much better year ahead. With that, we hope for a bit more normalcy in our lives and businesse...

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7 Quick Tips for Better Financial Footing
When you think about taxes, the first thing that probably springs to mind is how much money you pay. However, there are ways to save money on your taxes, apply for credits and deductions, and secure your financial footing. In this article, we’l...
What If You Can’t Pay Your Tax Bill?
If you’re ready to file your federal tax return but can’t pay your tax bill, what can you do? Do you just ignore the problem and hope it will go away? Or, do you take the initiative to do something positive to solve the problem? Bearing i...
How to Deal with an IRS Revenue Officer
When you owe money to the IRS, you may have an IRS revenue officer (RO) assigned to your case. Your case will first be assessed by an IRS revenue agent and then escalated to a revenue officer if it is felt your case requires further attention. IRS re...
Tax Audit Red Flags to Avoid
If you had a fantastic year last year where profits went through the roof, congratulations! Unfortunately your good fortune and hard work could also make you a target for an IRS audit. Any changes in your circumstances, however seemingly innocuous, c...
Tax Payment Options: What You Should Know
If you have back taxes to pay and the problem is keeping you awake at night, the most important thing is to address the problem. In recent years, the Internal Revenue System (IRS) has recognized that more people are falling into difficulty with their...
What You Need to Know About 401k Early Distributions and Taxes…Now
The IRS encourages all taxpayers to save for retirement, which is why there are taxes imposed for early withdrawals from your 401k. These taxes also come along to discourage using retirement money for anything other than retirement. Luckily, many exc...
Healthcare and Taxes: What You Need to Know
Healthcare and taxes is a confusing subject in the United States, and it has been this way ever since Obamacare came into the picture. American taxpayers are obligated to get insured or face a tax penalty — but that’s just scraping the su...
What Triggers the Need to Amend Your Tax Return?
Picture this: You file your taxes early, kick back your feet, relax, and then…a 1099 from an odd job comes in the mail. Do you need to amend your tax return? What if you’ve already had your return approved? We give you the lowdown here. When ...
These Last Minute Tax Tips Will Help You Save
This isn’t your typical list of tax tips for 2017. Whatever your financial circumstances and particular lifestyle, some of these nuggets of wisdom will help you save some green, maximize your refund, and avoid hassle and potential fraud. This is a ...
IRS Study: Live Close to the IRS? Expect an Audit.
Many business owners fear being audited by the IRS, but those that reside close to IRS offices have more rational. In an IRS study conducted by professors from universities in Kansas, Texas, and South Carolina, public companies located near the IRS a...
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