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How Joe Biden’s Tax Plans May Affect You

Aren’t you glad the election is over? We’re not here to get political. But we think it’s a pretty bipartisan opinion to state we’re glad the election is over. After such a tumultuous election ...

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Jermaine Dupri Pays Massive Tax Penalties
When it comes to rap stars and money, it’s all about the Benjamins. But rapper and music producer Jermaine Dupri lost a lot of Benjamins when he didn’t pay his taxes on time. A lot being $240,000 worth. That’s a lot of $100 bills. All About the...
Greek Debt Deal Shaves Risk for U.S. Taxpayers
After two years of scaring investors on both sides of the Atlantic, the Greek debt crisis is close to being resolved. Introducing, the Greek debt deal. The country was set to default after living beyond its means since before it adopted the Euro as i...
Tax Advantages for People with Disabilities
People with disabilities can have a limited income or run into challenges attempting to work. To help, Uncle Sam has certain tax benefits in place. Here’s a look at some tax advantages for people with disabilities. Disabled Americans Able to Get Ta...
Tax Relief Review: Vincent G. from California
StopIRSDebt.com released Vincent's monthly wage garnishment and negotiated a partial pay installment agreement of $100 per month on a $40,000 tax liability. The taxpayer saved about $30,000...
Outrageous Tax Write Offs That Worked
Every tax season we try to think of the past year’s expenses that can help lower our tax bill. A tax court may approve some business-related expenses, but others that walk the fine line between business and pleasure are likely to get rejected. But ...
IRS Warns of Taxpayer Scams
Every tax season sees financial predators baiting countless Americans using promises of large refunds to scam honest taxpayers out of millions of dollars. Taxpayer scams are sadly too common. Don’t Take the Bait! To arm the public to recognize and ...
MC Hammer Too Legit for Taxes
While he may be Too Legit to Quit, famed 90s rapper MC Hammer has come into the crosshairs of the IRS for owing back taxes. Hammer, real name Stanley Burrell, won fame and fortune after his 90s mega hit “U Can’t Touch This” became a hip hop ant...
Lindsay Lohan owes $233,000 to IRS!
Lindsay Lohan may have performed a few hours of community service at the Coroner’s office for breaking the law, but it looks like the law’s not done with her. IRS Targeting Lindsay Lohan for Back Taxes The actress who recently bore all for Playbo...
Rich Californians Flee Golden State Tax Regs
They call California the Golden State, but some of the richest Californians are heading for a place less golden. Well, assuming they can get away from tax regs. Rich Californians Fleeing Tax Regs State officials released a new report on taxpayers in ...
Tax Relief Review: Ibrahim A. from Texas
Ibrahim A. had several bank accounts overseas, and needed representation badly in order to avoid any criminal proceedings against him. Although the client came in too late for the 2008 Offshore Disclosure Program (OVDI), StopIRSDebt.com was able to q...
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