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Common Tax Questions by Rideshare Drivers and Gig Workers

Need a lift? If you’re like nearly one third of Americans, you probably just answered yes. Of course, as the number of people utilizing ridesharing services like Lyft and Uber grows, so do the sizes...

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Election 2010: Republicans gain seats
Tax Increases Unlikely Yesterday saw a change in Washington as Republicans gained clout in Congress, winning control of the U.S. House of Representatives and gaining seats in the U.S. Senate. Most commonly known the party of lower taxes, Republicans ...
IRS slaps tax lien on model Naomi Campbell!
Owing the IRS isn’t so sexy! Embattled supermodel Naomi Campbell could use one of those blood diamonds to pay off a super-sized IRS tax debt. The feds claim the cell-phone chucking billionaire-dating diva owes more than $63,000 in delinquent fe...
9 Tips to Avoid an Audit
Tax Audits are preventable! Everyone has heard the horror stories about IRS audits. It is a fact that audits are a hassle, even if your taxes have been done by the book and you have all the necessary documentation. For this reason it is a good idea t...
Are dogs your tax return’s best friend?
Tax Deductions for Pet Ownership Save You Money in April! They’re called man’s best friend, and sometimes they’re feisty felines, but if you’re a pet owner you know what it means to have a furry friend in your home. To say pets are popular is...
How businesses can save on health care
Tax incentives available soon President Obama and Congress just passed major legislation overhauling our country’s health care system, and if you’re a small business owner there will be changes to the tax code for you to take advantage of over th...
Save Energy on Uncle Sam’s Dime
Stimulus full of energy efficiency tax breaks Hoping to inject a dose of energy into our sluggish economy, Congress just passed a massive stimulus measure in hopes of getting it back on track. It’s filled with numerous spending measures aimed at bu...
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