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How to Survive a Business Tax Audit

As a business owner, you put in hard work year round for your business. Growth, innovation, team building, and a commitment to your customers don’t just spring out of nowhere. They take time, dedica...

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Warren Buffet Urges Higher Taxes on Super-rich
In a highly publicized column in mid-August, billionaire investor Warren Buffet urged Washington politicians to stop coddling America’s wealthiest and to increase taxes on the super-rich like himself. Warren Buffet Criticizes Washington for Coddlin...
Federal Tax Breaks Aid Healthy Vending
With childhood obesity in the U.S. more than tripling over the past 30 years, President Barack Obama signed the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 to reverse the trend. The law aims to make the food sold in schools healthier, and it also applies to...
Clock Winds Down to Come Clean on Foreign Assets
In a globalized economy, international banks may be at your fingertips with the click of a mouse. But the long arm of the taxman has a deadline looming for U.S. taxpayers who make money overseas. So you need to start coming clean on your foreign asse...
LA Dodgers Owner Dodges the Taxman
If any couple in the city of Angels sits at the center of the media spotlight, it’s Frank and Jamie McCourt. You know, from the LA Dodgers. Divorce Court Filings Say Frank, Jamie McCourt Paid No Taxes Over Five Years The two have been a focus of th...
IRS Deducts 2-year Limit for Innocent Spouse
Frank Sinatra used to sing that marriage was an institute you can’t disparage. But if you’re liable for your ex’s shady finances, you probably want to tell the Chairman to get out of the Boardroom. It’s a little thing called “Innoce...
Corporate America Wants a Holiday
With $1.5 trillion in cash sitting in foreign bank accounts, Corporate America wants Congress to create another holiday just for them. US Companies Urge Tax Haven for Foreign Cash After one was created by Congress in 2004, American companies are urgi...
Casey Anthony Escapes Jail, Not Tax Fines
Casey Anthony may have been acquitted for the murder of her 2-year old daughter, Caylee. But Florida prosecutors are still trying to make her pay. Prosecutors Go After Accused Mom to Pay Case Costs It’s not in jail time, but state prosecutors are l...
Obama’s Comment Fuels Jet Owner Debate
As the debate over raising the nation’s debt ceiling wraps up, you may notice something. President Obama is making an obscure tax break one of his favorite talking points. If you’re a jet owner, listen up. Tax Breaks for Corporate Jet Owners ...
L’Oreal heiress owes Millions in Taxes!
Weekly magazine, Marianne, claims to have access to high-profile tax documents. They show that France’s richest woman and heiress to the L’Oréal fortune, Liliane Bettencourt, owes around 30 million euros to the French tax authorities. You ma...
Write off commute with home-based biz
The rat race takes place every morning, where people wake up, commute to work, do their 8 hours and commute back home. For those who can’t telecommute and have to go to an office or cubicle every day, the task of commuting to work twice a day can b...
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