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Category: Wage Garnishment

Wage Garnishment 101 (Part 2) – How Do I Stop an IRS Wage Garnishment?
Welcome back to IRS Wage Garnishment 101! We’re thankful you joined us for the second installment in our two-part series covering all things IRS wage garnishments. Wage garnishments are every bit as intimidating as tax liens and have the potential ...
Wage Garnishment 101 (Part 1) – What Happens During an IRS Wage Garnishment?
If you found your way here, we just wanted to take a moment and say something you may need to hear: It’s going to be okay. Frankly, wage garnishment is one of the scariest possible outcomes for many taxpayers struggling with tax debt. It’s as wor...
Making Federal Tax Payments: What You Should Know
Working for yourself comes with the benefit being flexible to make your own schedule, but it also comes with the responsibility of paying your own federal taxes. As an employee, you can expect to pay your federal taxes at the end of the tax year, but...
How to Deal with an IRS Revenue Officer
If you owe money in back taxes to the IRS, an IRS revenue officer (RO) may be assigned to your case. Your case will first be assessed by an IRS revenue agent and then escalated to a revenue officer if it is felt your case requires further attention. ...
Tips to Make Next Year’s Taxes Even Easier
We all want taxes to a be a bit easier – fewer numbers, less document chasing, and more wiggle room. Taxpayers have to go by the book Uncle Sam wrote, but below are a few ways you can lift the weight of it off of your shoulders. Sync Your Sched...
Getting the Most Out of Your Tax Returns
With tax season comes tax returns. And with tax returns, it’s better to take all steps necessary and appropriate to get the most out of your tax return and get a nice refund. Part of getting the most out of your tax return is avoiding mistakes,...
How to Receive Currently Not Collectible Status: A Last Stand for Taxpayers
CNC Saved for Financially Difficult Situations Having back tax debt is bad enough, but what if your back tax debt owed to the IRS is so bad you pretty much have no way to pay it back? You may think that’s a good thing, because the IRS will forg...
Choosing to Ignore Tax Debt? What Your Future Could Look Like
Garnishments, Liens, and Penalties. Oh My! If you’ve made the decision to get together with some tax debt, then your future has some costly and potentially embarrassing measures in store for you.  Tax debt is created by unsuccessful risky tax ...
The IRS Levied Your Bank Account. What Should You Do Next?
Being Proactive is Key to Removing Your Levy So you’ve run up some back tax debt with the IRS. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but the IRS is the one creditor you’ll want to steer clear of. The law is on the IRS’s side whe...
How To Remove an IRS Wage Garnishment to Financial Freedom
Don’t Let the IRS Stifle Your Freedom – Remove Wage Garnishments Promptly Running up back tax debt can lead to a host of problems with the authorities. Your assets, like cars and boats, can get seized by government agents and sold to the high...
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