Lindsay Lohan owes $233,000 to IRS!

Lindsay Lohan may have performed a few hours of community service at the Coroner’s office for breaking the law, but it looks like the law’s not done with her.

IRS Targeting Lindsay Lohan for Back Taxes

The actress who recently bore all for Playboy magazine is being targeted by other types of Mean Girls: IRS agents. Looks like she’ll be having another Freaky Friday when she answers to claims that she owes the IRS $140,000 in back taxes for 2010.

While Lohan’s known for her run-ins with the law, she’s no stranger to the IRS. The IRS filed a lien against her for more than $93,000 for failing to pay her 2009 income taxes.

IRS Moves to Collect

Uncle Sam is out to collect, and it looks like they’ll be waiving a Machete at her flubbing of the IRS. How she’ll pay the more than $233,000 tax liability remains unknown. Her only acting gigs in 2009 were reported to be a made for TV movie and a couple TV appearances. Her sole 2010 gig was a small role in the modestly budgeted movie “Machete.”

With the lien, the IRS will get their hands on whatever Lohan earns. That will include $1 million she was reportedly receiving for her Playboy spread.

Learn from Lindsay Lohan’s Misfortune

But you don’t have to be a Hollywood actress to be targeted by IRS agents. If you owe back tax debt to the IRS, hiring a tax attorney is the best way to increase your chances of avoiding a run-in with revenue agents and protecting your income, which is a lesson Lindsey Lohan can take to heart.

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