Make the IRS Fall in Love with You this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and there’s just no way around it: We’re in the season of love.

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, the holiday of romance, filled with chocolates, roses, fine wine, even candy hearts. Isn’t it kind of funny that the season of love falls directly into Tax Season?

To most people, taxes are about the least romantic thing one can imagine. While we may enjoy the tax filing process a lot more than your average Joe or Jane, we don’t think you should let filing your taxes ruin the mood this Valentine’s Day. Instead, it’s about time you rekindle the flame of love between you and Uncle Sam!

But how do you make the IRS fall in love with you this Tax Day?

Here’s the secret: You need to file a tax return the IRS will love.

We’re here to play matchmaker. We’re going to walk you through exactly how to file a tax return that will make any IRS agent’s eyes light up. With our help, not only will you be able to maximize your refund, but also you’ll be able to avoid a nasty audit.

IRS Tips for Valentine’s Day

To do Valentine’s Day right, it requires a certain dedication. You may need to get a gift, make thoughtful gestures, offer kind words, and much more. In a lot of ways, wooing the IRS with your tax return is fairly similar to wooing the one you love. Here are a few key steps you need to take to file a tax return that makes the IRS fall in love.

Be Punctual

Failing to plan ahead on Valentine’s Day can have devastating consequences. You need to order the flowers, ship the gifts, and nail down a reservation at that perfect restaurant long in advance. Of course, this is all worth it once you’ve planned the perfect day!

Similarly, waiting until the last minute to pull together your taxes will probably land you on the IRS’s bad side, too. You need to gather paperwork, organize receipts, and spend time filling out your tax forms or hiring a tax prep service. Needless to say, waiting until the last minute is a surefire way to miss the tax deadline.

The first step to wooing the IRS is to file on time—or early. All that planning will definitely pay off when you can actually relax once April rolls around, instead of rushing to get your taxes done. And you may even end up getting your tax return early, too!

A Nice Message Can’t Hurt

Every gift requires a nice card to go with it. Even a dozen red roses probably won’t be complete without a short message!

If you imagine your tax return is your gift to the IRS, then you should apply the same rule as you would to a traditional Valentine’s gift—and always include your documentation. You shouldn’t consider your work done once you’ve filled out your name and address, but instead after you’ve gotten all the supporting documents in order.

From receipts to tax docs, as well as any records, making sure all the necessary paperwork is in order is the fastest way to the IRS’s heart. Plus, once you’ve taken the time to review all your documents, you may just discover a few more deductions!

Show Them You Care

Sure, Valentine’s Day is a nice way to remind someone you care about them. But those in the happiest relationships will be the first to tell you that true love doesn’t end on February 14, you need to show them you love them year round.

You shouldn’t wait until Tax Season to think about your taxes. Fortunately, there are a ton of small actions you can take throughout the year to ensure you and Uncle Sam are in perfect harmony.

For example, you can update your W-4. Ensuring your personal allowances and deductions are up-to-date ensures you don’t deal with a surprise tax bill when it’s finally time to file. Did you know you don’t have to wait until you start a new job to update it? Additionally, if you open an account for your tax savings, you’ll ensure you’re never caught off-guard come tax time—and in debt with the IRS.

Make the IRS Fall in Love This Valentine’s Day

We may be romantics, but we love to see our clients maintaining happy and healthy relationships with the IRS. And it’s a lot easier than you may think! Remember the details and treat your taxes with care, and you can ensure your tax return woos the IRS, even after Valentine’s Day!

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