Tax Relief Review: David H. from California

Our newest tax relief review requires a little set up. So, simply close your eyes and imagine this scenario with us.

You open the mail and there it is. A notice from the IRS stating you owe them money. So what do you do next? For many, that includes picking up the phone and calling the IRS themselves to ‘work something out’. How do most of those calls turn out? Usually, not so good.

Tax Relief Review: Did the IRS have a sale!? He saved 50%!

Like David H. He owed quite a bit of money to the IRS, and figured he would call them and ask for a payment plan. What he didn’t bargain for was that, along with the request, he would have to remit an entire financial disclosure form detailing his income and assets. Little did David know, but that would spell a ton of headaches and problems for him down the line. We’re glad he contacted us. Here’s why.

The result was a suffocating payment plan that barely left him anything after his expenses. After seeing our commercial many times, David decided that maybe he made a poor choice representing himself before the IRS and contacted our firm with lots and lots of questions. This time, David made the right phone call. worked with the IRS Appeals division to lower the client’s $3,500 monthly payment plan down to $1,467 per month, thus reducing the client’s liability in half.

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Many of you are do-it-yourselfers, and why that might be useful around the house or in the garden, everything isn’t so rosy when negotiating with the IRS. You should always take precautions when dealing with the IRS. If you find yourself in a situation like David, give us a call before you call the IRS. It might save you 50%.

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