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Bad Reviews & Ripoffs

If the company you hired to resolve your tax debt has closed or been shut down, we can help!

As the economic collapse affected many industries, so too did it affect our very own, and many tax resolution firms closed as a result of this shift. While has been and continues to be fully operational for the last 17 years, there are many customers that have been abandoned by their provider and are still in need of tax relief services.

If you’re a former client of Tax Masters, Ronnie Deutsche, JK Harris, American Tax Relief, Nationwide Tax Relief, Blue Tax, Tax Defense Network, or any other company that you have made a complaint on the Better Business Bureau, or listed a bad review elsewhere for not living up to your expectations, or who’s doors were closed as a result of both poor service and poor management, we encourage you to call us for a free consultation of your options. Even if you were in mid-representation with that firm, we can create a seamless transition wherein we can contact the taxing authority and request a hold on collections and allow us time to map out an affordable, permanent resolution to your case.

As a special incentive to customers with complaints and refund requests from their former provider, if you can provide us with your written agreement with that firm, we will waive up top 25% of our retainer fee. One of the ways we like to maintain a healthy outlook on our industry, as we understand how damaging tax debt can be to a family in these challenging times.

No more complaints, scams, bad reviews and ripoffs. Get your tax debt resolved today!

Even if your current tax relief firm has closed, or if you’ve been seeking a refund or logged a complaint, scam, bad review, or ripoff against an operational provider, the first step towards successful resolution is to acknowledge that your tax debt won’t go away on it’s own and to seek professional assistance. Our firm of tax relief attorneys and tax relief professionals has helped thousands of individuals and businesses just like you stop forced collections and finally resolve their tax debt.

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Our tax relief professionals will take the time to discuss your issue free of charge, and help map out the best solution moving forward. Rest assured, all information is confidential, and nothing will be shared.

We understand that you have many options when it comes to choosing the right tax relief firm, and we welcome the opportunity to help you patiently through this process and bring closure to this important financial consideration.

Don't tackle the IRS alone. We can help.