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5 Post-Divorce Tax Changes to Know

Whatever the cause might be, divorce is difficult. It doesn’t matter how long you were married, whether or not you had a lot of shared property, or whether or not you have children in the picture. S...

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When Is the Federal Tax Extension Deadline for 2019?
Has it been six months already? It’s hard to believe it, but yes—nearly six full months have passed since Tax Day of 2019. A lot has happened since April 15, but hopefully if you’re reading this post right now, it means you’ve already filed y...
4 Ace Tips for Reporting Gambling Wins and Losses
There’s a reason folks flock to glitzy locales like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and even Reno. And it isn’t always the all-you-can-eat buffets. Here at StopIRSDebt.com, we firmly believe in lowering your risk—on your tax debt, in your au...
“I Underreported My Income. Now What?”
Believe it or not, underreported income happens a lot more than you may think. It can happen for a number of reasons: Forgetting an income stream, misplacing an employee W-2, or even tax evasion. Whatever led to your specific case of underreported in...
Get to Know: ‘The Taxpayer Bill of Rights’
Dealing with the IRS is a frightening experience. Well, not for us. Our nearly two decades of experience representing clients faced with the most frightening and serious tax issues have given us nothing but confidence when negotiating with the IRS. B...
Wage Garnishment 101 (Part 2) – How Do I Stop an IRS Wage Garnishment?
Welcome back to IRS Wage Garnishment 101! We’re thankful you joined us for the second installment in our two-part series covering all things IRS wage garnishments. Wage garnishments are every bit as intimidating as tax liens and have the potential ...
Wage Garnishment 101 (Part 1) – What Happens During an IRS Wage Garnishment?
If you found your way here, we just wanted to take a moment and say something you may need to hear: It’s going to be okay. Frankly, wage garnishment is one of the scariest possible outcomes for many taxpayers struggling with tax debt. It’s as wor...
What Every Democratic Presidential Candidate Has to Say about Taxes (Part 2)
Has it been a week already? The first round of democratic primary debates took place just over a week ago, during which viewers watched twenty candidates, split into two nights of ten, square off on major contentious topics including health care and ...
What Every Democratic Presidential Candidate Has to Say about Taxes (Part 1)
Let’s get political. Well, not too political. We’re tax resolution specialists, not political consultants. On the other hand, we’re realists. While other issues may come and go, there truly is almost nothing more certain in the U.S. than taxes....
What to Expect from Taxes on Mutual Funds
So, you’ve invested in your very first mutual fund. Congratulations! You’ve joined a large group of investors who are committed to diversifying their investment vehicles. However, now that you’ve actually gotten into the mutual fund game, you m...
How Do Tax Relief Companies Work?
So, you’ve got some debt. Tax debt, to be specific. Or, perhaps you’ve recently learned that the IRS has placed a tax lien on your home. Maybe the IRS has begun garnishing your wages. Or perhaps your tax bill was simply larger than you expected t...
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