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How to Choose the Wrong Tax Preparation Service

It’s tax time, and you’re sick of going it alone. You’re not the first to make the switch. Each year, millions of new taxpayers opt for a tax preparation service or online tool over DIY when fil...

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Washington Argues Over Tax Hikes on Wealthy
D.C. Tax Warfare Heats Up as “Fiscal Cliff” Nears Tax cuts are at the center of attention in Washington again as president Barack Obama and Democrats hope to raise income taxes on the wealthy. It’s a debate that surges every so often as...
2009 Tax Bills Lowest Over Past Three Decades
Study: Federal Tax Rates Dipped Due to Stimulus Tax Cuts If you noticed your 2009 federal income tax bill was a bit lighter than normal, then you weren’t alone. The Great Recession brought many families tough economic times, and Uncle Sam sought to...
Does Mitt Romney Owe Back Taxes?
Presidential Candidate Alleged to Have Overseas Accounts Presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has received a lot of media attention over the past couple weeks, and who knows whether it’s helpful for his campaign to b...
Actors Who Owed Back Taxes
Tax Man Plays a Starring Role Behind the Scene Actors can get their hands on some serious pay days when they get that starring role in a major motion picture. But after the roles dry up and the work stops, the little money left over leaves little lef...
Third Party Reporting Prevents Underreporting of Income
IRS Computers Catch $6.4 Billion in Additional Taxes If you make your living through your client’s payments, you may have been tempted to decline a few and underreport your income to the Internal Revenue Service. But thanks to a successful IRS ...
Sports Tax Breaks A Favorite of State Capitals
Professional Sports Teams Save Money with Tax Incentives When it comes to professional sports, every city wants a piece of the pie. So cities and states giving tax breaks for big league sports teams to locate and stay within their borders is nothing ...
Michael K. from Minnesota
StopIRSDebt.com prepared an Offer in Compromise which was accepted for $5,000 on the $183,216 individual income tax liability...
Rap and R&B Musicians Who Owed Back Taxes
It May Be Hip To Hop Over IRS Tax Liens Musicians and back taxes seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly, and rap music and R&B performers are no exception. Rappers love to rap about money, but once they end up owing back taxes to the IR...
IRS Promotes Veterans Employment Tax Credits
Measure Helps Nation’s Brave While in Job Market The IRS is giving an assist to the nation’s veterans in a tough job market, but it’s also an assist for employers. With two wars winding down and thousands of veterans looking to get back into ci...
Tax Tribunals Created In More States
More States Courting Taxes Anyone who’s been to U.S. Tax Court knows how much of a hassle – or blessing – it can be. It can also be another reason to hire a lawyer, or a line of defense against overzealous IRS judgments or agents. Nowadays thes...
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