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Tax Debt Relief: What You Need to Know

After nearly two decades fighting on behalf of our tax debt relief clients, we know this much to be certain: Tax debt is serious business. Tax debt has ruined the best-laid financial plans for million...

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How to Speed Up Your Tax Return
Simple Steps Can Return Your Money Sooner Another year, another tax return to file. It’s a part of life that’s sure to happen every year. So while you’re filing the paperwork to get you your hard-earned money back, following a few s...
Tax Changes Coming for 2013 Tax Filers
New Filings May Include New Tax Changes for Taxpayers Some changes are in store for those about to file their 2013 tax returns. The wealthy, as well as some married same-sex couples, will feel a dose of change as they prepare their returns. Even taxp...
5 Tips for Better Financial Footing With The IRS
New Year Brings New Opportunities to Maximize Tax Benefits Every New Year brings an opportunity for people to make a resolution to change the way they live, eat, or work. But the New Year also brings us the chance to better prepare for next year̵...
Tax Breaks to Expire by New Year
New Year Brings End to Some Tax Relief When the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2014, another year begins and some tax breaks end. New Year’s Day is typically the end point for temporary tax breaks, and some 2013 tax breaks are no exceptio...
Self-Employed Can Avoid Obamacare Tax by Retooling Income
IRS Formalizes Another Obamacare Tax After a bungled website and a wave of cancelled insurance plans, Obamacare has been one of – if not the – biggest news topics of Fall 2013. The Affordable Care Act created a variety of new taxes: taxes on capi...
Disaster Victims Have Tax Relief Options
Preparing Your Family if Disaster Strikes After tornadoes touched down in Illinois in November 2013, it’s clear that no one is immune from disasters. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes: they can happen in all corners of the United States. When ...
Time to Make End of the Year Tax Moves
Catch These Tax Advantages Before Year’s End As fall approaches, the time comes to make use of advantages offered by the tax code. With the new year just around the corner, the current tax year is about to come to an end. Make sure to get the b...
Secrets to Lowering Your Tax Bill
Know the Tips to Save Funds On April 15 Everybody wants to save some money. And one time when everyone either has to pay – or get paid by – the federal government is tax time. A tax bill can be a big inconvenience, but with these tax-saving tips,...
Is the Offer in Compromise Worth It?
Disadvantages and Advantages Should Make Tax Debtors Consider Options For some taxpayers, an Offer in Compromise (OIC) can be a strategic and smart option for settling back tax debt with the IRS. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. There are a f...
How to Stand Up to an IRS Revenue Officer
Know Important Tips to Have the Edge Running into tax trouble happens. Sometimes it’s deliberate and willful, but for others, it’s due to an accountant’s negligence or mistakes by business people. When tax trouble does come knocking...
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