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What Every Democratic Presidential Candidate Has to Say about Taxes (Part 2)

Has it been a week already? The first round of democratic primary debates took place just over a week ago, during which viewers watched twenty candidates, split into two nights of ten, square off on m...

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Doing business overseas?
Foreign Asset reporting deadline in two weeks! One of the best things about the internet and a globalized economy is the ability to do business overseas from the comfort of your living room. With the click of a mouse, funds can be transferred to buil...
In tax court? Hire a tax attorney
The best offense is a good defense. We see it all the time. People get in a dispute with the IRS and try to cut corners with their legal representation. They’ll represent themselves, hire an attorney who doesn’t focus on tax law or even hire an a...
GE Skips out on Taxes!
Tax Attorneys and tax code helped them, and can help you too! If you’ve been watching the news lately, then you may have heard that General Electric – one of the US’ largest corporations – paid no taxes in 2010. That’s right, the conglomera...
Strange IRS approved deductions
Every April people include the weirdest expenses as tax deductions, hoping to convince IRS agents and tax court officials that they were legitimate expenses that should help lower their tax burden. Sometimes they’re denied by tax courts, but other ...
Why is tax day on April 15th?
Thank Swamped IRS Employees for the Mid-April Date. For millions of Americans, April 15 is that dreaded day when we go head-to-head with the IRS, making that trip to the post office or sitting at the computer to file our tax returns. It either goes w...
Martin Scorcese in Tax Debt!
Famous director is in deep with the IRS! Martin Scorsese, the famous Hollywood director who made a career directing movies about mob crimes such as Goodfellas, Casino and The Departed, is in big trouble with the Government. He owes almost $3 million,...
Charlie Sheen Can Be “Winning” with IRS
New tour provides tax opportunities. Just weeks after being fired from one of TV’s most watched shows, Charlie Sheen launched his “Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option” tour, turning himself from one of Hollywood’s best-paid TV an...
Gas prices biting hard at your wallet?
Bite back by writing off auto costs this April! If you’ve gone to the gas station lately, you probably noticed something. Your wallet is probably a bit emptier due to sky high gas prices as events in the Middle East hit close to home. A gallon of g...
Tax cut boosts incomes, some not spending
Good news about income starting to take hold WASHINGTON — A tax cut that began last month gave consumers the biggest jump in their incomes in nearly two years. But Americans boosted their spending only slightly, a sign that many people are being ca...
When love & taxes don’t mix
Innocent Spouse Relief by the IRS May Be An Option With Valentine’s Day coming up in just a few days, it’s another reminder for married taxpayers about not just the joy of tying the knot but about the responsibilities – and liabilities – you ...
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