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Is Tax-Loss Harvesting Right for You?

It should come to exactly no one’s surprise that investing comes with risk. It doesn’t matter what you’re investing in: stocks, real estate, bonds, or anything else under the Sun. All investment...

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Charlie Sheen Can Be “Winning” with IRS
New tour provides tax opportunities. Just weeks after being fired from one of TV’s most watched shows, Charlie Sheen launched his “Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option” tour, turning himself from one of Hollywood’s best-paid TV an...
Gas prices biting hard at your wallet?
Bite back by writing off auto costs this April! If you’ve gone to the gas station lately, you probably noticed something. Your wallet is probably a bit emptier due to sky high gas prices as events in the Middle East hit close to home. A gallon of g...
Tax cut boosts incomes, some not spending
Good news about income starting to take hold WASHINGTON — A tax cut that began last month gave consumers the biggest jump in their incomes in nearly two years. But Americans boosted their spending only slightly, a sign that many people are being ca...
When love & taxes don’t mix
Innocent Spouse Relief by the IRS May Be An Option With Valentine’s Day coming up in just a few days, it’s another reminder for married taxpayers about not just the joy of tying the knot but about the responsibilities – and liabilities – you ...
Offshore banking evaders given 2nd chance
IRS creates one last FBAR amnesty program ending Aug 31 With the U.S. government running big budget deficits over the past couple years, tax authorities are launching new amnesty programs to recoup as much tax revenue as possible. The Internal Revenu...
Why you need to hire a Tax Attorney
When paying a little more can save you money! A Tax attorney is a lawyer who helps the taxpayer resolve his/her IRS (Internal Revenue Service) or state revenue department tax issue. They are legal experts in the field of taxation. They can do a terri...
Learn to avoid Wage Garnishments
How to end an IRS wage garnishment? Avoid the roulette! IRS wage garnishments don’t just happen to anyone, they happen when you’ve ignored your tax debt for too long and the IRS has no choice but to enforce collections. You may have had many pers...
Top New Year’s Resolutions!
What resolution will you make this year? The start of every New Year gives us an amazing opportunity to recharge our batteries and begin something in earnest we’ve been putting off, whether it’s following through on a new idea or quitting...
Is the IRS working for Santa!?
An unexpected gift from Uncle Sam this holiday! You wouldn’t know it, but if you’re a small business owner this holiday season, Santa Claus will be coming down your chimney with a big gift bag that has your name on it. It’s all courtesy of the ...
Tax Problem? Tax Solution!
Attorneys, CPA’s, & Enrolled Agents are here to help! The IRS has one goal in mind, and that is to collect the taxes you owe in full, through whatever means necessary. If you owe back taxes to the IRS or state, and have been ignoring your debt,...
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