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Tax Attorneys: Everything You Need to Know

As we all know, the tax landscape is complicated. In fact, the word “complicated” may really undersell the reality of the IRS and state tax codes! Regardless, taxes provide a pretty significant ch...

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Rich Californians Flee Golden State Tax Regs
They call California the Golden State, but some of the richest Californians are heading for a place less golden. Well, assuming they can get away from tax regs. Rich Californians Fleeing Tax Regs State officials released a new report on taxpayers in ...
Tax Relief Review: Ibrahim A. from Texas
Ibrahim A. had several bank accounts overseas, and needed representation badly in order to avoid any criminal proceedings against him. Although the client came in too late for the 2008 Offshore Disclosure Program (OVDI), StopIRSDebt.com was able to q...
Facebook IPO Will Be a Tax Boon
With 800 million users across the world, Facebook is perhaps one of the most successful websites the Internet has ever seen. And when the Menlo Park-based company goes public, the site borne in a dorm room is set to have major tax implications after ...
Rafael Nadal Caught in Tax Volley
Everyone hates paying taxes, and even the world’s No. 2 tennis player is no exception. Rafael Nadal, the 25-year old Spanish tennis sensation, offered a mea culpa after a Spanish website reported that the Australian Open finalist had set up several...
Determining Whether Your Canceled Debt is Taxable
Sometimes we get lucky and that big balance we owe is written off by a forgiving creditor. Or, possibly, waived through a sophisticated legal process with the help of a tax attorney. Now you have canceled debt. Canceled Debt: Is It Taxable? But when ...
Federal Workers Owe IRS Billions
Did you enjoy paying your income taxes last year? Looks like thousands of federal employees decided that last year’s April 15 wasn’t for them. A recent IRS report announced that 279,000 federal workers and retirees owe Uncle Sam more than $3.4 bi...
Taxpayers Stiff Uncle Sam Out of Millions
Taxpayers stiffed Uncle Sam $450 billion just 6 years ago, and the IRS is aiming to stop it. Taxpayers: Nearly $450 Billion Unpaid in 2006 The IRS announced that Americans underpaid their taxes by that massive figure in 2006, with the nation’s nonc...
Romney Releases Tax Records After Criticism
Running for President of the United States requires you to be 35 years old and a natural born citizen. But nowadays, you better be able to reply to the media’s and other candidates’ requests to “show me the money.” Current presidential candid...
Tax Relief Review: David H. from California
StopIRSDebt.com worked with the IRS Appeals division to lower the client’s $3,500 monthly payment plan down to $1,467 per month, thus reducing the client’s liability in half...
Income Tax Changes on the Horizon
The IRS announced new income tax changes affecting taxpayers for 2012, and you’re more likely to notice them compared to recent years. Personal exemptions and deductions will rise, and tax brackets will expand, all because of inflation. Income Tax ...
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