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4 Ace Tips for Reporting Gambling Wins and Losses

There’s a reason folks flock to glitzy locales like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and even Reno. And it isn’t always the all-you-can-eat buffets. Here at StopIRSDebt.com, we firmly believe in...

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Obama’s Comment Fuels Jet Debate
Tax Breaks for Corporate Jet Owners Center of D.C. Debt Controversy With the debate over raising the nation’s debt ceiling just wrapping up, you may have noticed President Obama’s making an obscure tax break one of his favorite talking points. Th...
L’Oreal heiress owes Millions in Taxes!
Because she’s worth it. Weekly magazine, Marianne, claims to have access to tax documents showing that France’s richest woman and heiress to the L’Oréal fortune, Liliane Bettencourt, best known for her company’s advertising sloga...
Write off commute with home-based biz
Deductions ripe for the taking. The rat race takes place every morning, where people wake up, commute to work, do their 8 hours and commute back home. For those who can’t telecommute and have to go to an office or cubicle every day, the task of com...
Marc Anthony owes $3.4 million!
Jennifer Lopez might owe millions in tax debt as well! Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez may be in the headlines lately for their highly publicized split, but he made his own headlines last year due to tax troubles when he was hit with a $3.4 million l...
Even the U.S. cannot default on bills
In the Spring of 1979, Congress was “playing politics” over the debt limit, but ultimately raised it to $830 billion (a far cry from today’s $14.3 trillion) with only hours to spare. Unfortunately, because of the last-minute approval, there wer...
Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, oh my!
Safeguard yourself by taking some simple steps After a natural disaster, people are dealing with emotional and possibly physical trauma. There may be loss of property or disruption in income. To minimize the financial impact and stress involved in de...
Schwarzenegger to pay small Fortune
Maria Shriver Terminates Marriage After Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted to fathering a lovechild with his family’s former maid, the world has been abuzz over the dirty laundry between him and Maria Shriver. It wasn’t long until Maria pulled the tr...
Washington in Uproar Over Debt Limit
Obama squares off with Republicans! Washington is seeing a bit of drama unfold as President Obama and Republican leaders in Congress face off over tax breaks and their impact on the nation’s long-term spending. The debate over increasing the U.S. G...
Doing business overseas?
Foreign Asset reporting deadline in two weeks! One of the best things about the internet and a globalized economy is the ability to do business overseas from the comfort of your living room. With the click of a mouse, funds can be transferred to buil...
In tax court? Hire a tax attorney
The best offense is a good defense. We see it all the time. People get in a dispute with the IRS and try to cut corners with their legal representation. They’ll represent themselves, hire an attorney who doesn’t focus on tax law or even hire an a...
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