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Tax Penalties: Everything You Need to Know

The IRS always gets its money. Always. Whether we like it or not, some portion of our income will skip right past our wallets and head directly to Uncle Sam. When it doesn’t, that’s when we find o...

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Income Tax Changes on the Horizon
Inflation Changes Tax Brackets, Deductions for 2012 Tax Year The IRS announced new changes affecting taxpayers for 2012, and you’re more likely to notice them compared to recent years. Personal exemptions and deductions will rise, and tax brackets ...
IRS Announces 2012 OVDI
Amnesty from criminal charges offered After collecting more than $4 billion over the past 3 years from taxpayers with unreported overseas accounts, the IRS is giving taxpayers yet another opportunity to come clean. Due to the successful initiatives i...
States Change Tax Laws for 2012
New Year, New State Tax Rates It’s a new year, and that means new tax rates in various states. While they don’t have authority over the behemoth agency known as the IRS, state legislators are always sticking their hands in their stateR...
John S. from Delaware
He saved over $500,000! Like a tiger, tax debts are hungry predators. Not only do they grow quickly, but they sneak up fast and without warning, inflicting an incredible amount of carnage to an unsuspecting taxpayer. Take our client John S. for examp...
Payroll Tax Cut Center of DC Squabble
House Rejects Rare Senate Compromise Benjamin Franklin once said that nothing was certain except for death and taxes. And while the politicians in Washington bicker and feud, it seems more taxes are certain starting Jan. 1. After a rare compromise ha...
States’ Sales Tax Holidays Keep Wallets Full
Holidays Not Just for December Who says holidays can only happen in December? Now that the holiday season is in full swing, make sure to be on the lookout for some of the smaller holidays throughout the year that keep your wallet a little thicker. Sa...
Tax-deductable Expenses for Holiday Parties
Celebrate the Holidays on Uncle Sam’s Dime It’s that time of the year, when enthusiastic office workers decorate the office with colorful post-it notes, make-shift holiday trees, and ornaments on cubicles. But while decorations can add a treat to...
Obama Nixes Xmas Tree Tax
15 Cent Tax Spurs Holiday Uproar Just a few days before Black Friday created a ruckus in some of the nation’s holiday shopping centers, a proposed tax on Christmas trees created a flurry of its own kind. A 15 cent per tree tax intended to be used t...
Essential Info for Amending Your Tax Returns
Making Amends with the Taxman If you submit your tax returns to the IRS and later find out you made a mistake, amending your return is a simple process that sweeps your error under the rug quickly and easily. But if the IRS already did it for you, do...
Employer Taxes Add Up with Wrong Classification
Employee, or Freelancer? When a businessperson begins hiring employees, it’s a sign that business is picking up and sales are on their way up. But don’t make the costly mistake of classifying your workers as independent contractors when they shou...
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