Sedalia W. from Oregon

She saved $48,971. Not too shabby!

Many times, when a client owes money to the IRS, they owe money to the state as well. That was the case for Sedalia W., who had liabilities accrued to the IRS as well as to the state of Oregon. Since she hadn’t filed her returns, they were filed for her by both collection agencies, and the returns allowed for zero deductions. These are typically called SFR’s – substitute for returns – and they are the worst form of taxation as they do not effectively reflect a taxpayer’s obligation. completed the tax returns for both the IRS and the state of Oregon, which ended up having quite an effect. Once the returns were accepted and logged, they reduced the client’s balance to the IRS from $43,176 to $10,316, therefore saving the client $32,860 in federal liability. Additionally, the returns reduced the client’s balance due to the State of OR from $24,000 to $7,889, saving the client $16,111. Total client savings: $48,971.

So remember, file your tax returns. Every now and then, it really pays off!

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