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Category: Innocent Spouse

Taxes and Divorce: 6 Things You Need to Know
As if filing taxes wasn’t enough of a mental exercise, adding in all of the factors of a recent divorce is quite the curveball. We recommend discussing your particular circumstances with your tax professional, but get to know the basics below. Marr...
In Tax Trouble with Your Spouse?
Love and Marriage May Bring Tax Trouble. Know Your Options. After you say “I Do,” give that sweet kiss, and come back from the honeymoon, you and your spouse will have a whole lifetime together to make money, spend money, and unwillingly ...
IRS Deducts 2-year Limit for Innocent Spouse
Time limit removed for taxpayers cheated during marriage Frank Sinatra used to sing that marriage was an institute you can’t disparage. But if you’re liable for your ex’s shady finances, you probably want to tell the Chairman to get out of the ...
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