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Is Tax-Loss Harvesting Right for You?

It should come to exactly no one’s surprise that investing comes with risk. It doesn’t matter what you’re investing in: stocks, real estate, bonds, or anything else under the Sun. All investment...

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The Secret Ways to Boost Your Tax Refund
There is nothing worse than overlooking tax deductions and credits that could have resulted in more money in the bank. The IRS doesn’t make it any easier either with their constantly changing tax codes and deadlines. But one thing they won’t tell...
The 5 Rules of Deducting Medical Expenses
Medical expenses can take up a major part of your budget, especially if you don’t have funds set aside for any unexpected emergencies. Luckily, just as the doctor ordered, the IRS gives taxpayers a few breaks in the form of tax deductions. Before y...
Finished Your Taxes? What Records to Keep
After completing your taxes and waiting patiently for your refund, it feels like it’s finally all over – but not so fast. The best thing you can do now to set yourself up for an easier tax season next year is to keep relevant records, prefera...
3 Strategies to Save Your Small Business Money
Many small business owners make careless mistakes when filing their taxes – are you one of them? Instead of throwing your profit to penalties and skipping out on savings, adopt these strategies to save money better spent on helping your busines...
Going Green Means Seeing Green: How to Save on Taxes
Buying and living eco-friendly isn’t simply a trend – it’s also economical and beneficial come tax season. Perhaps you’re wondering if these are worthy choices to cut down your tax bill. It’s true that many of the tax credits and deduct...
Unable to Pay? Here’s What to do About Your Tax Bill
The squeeze you feel on your wallet might tighten if you’re suddenly hit with a tax bill. Simply put, there are those who just can’t pay. Fortunately, you have a few options. Read below to find the best for your financial situation. If you can af...
Tips to Make Next Year’s Taxes Even Easier
We all want taxes to a be a bit easier – fewer numbers, less document chasing, and more wiggle room. Taxpayers have to go by the book Uncle Sam wrote, but below are a few ways you can lift the weight of it off of your shoulders. Sync Your Sched...
How to Check Your Refund Status
You’ve filed your taxes, and now you’re impatient because this is worse than waiting for your Amazon order to arrive. So how do you check when your money will come in the mail or drop in your account? You have a few options. See the below, and ge...
Retired? Tax Tips for Retirees
Your 9 to 5 job may cease, but dealing with the tax man does not. Hopefully you’ve long contributed to an IRA or 401k, and have a finance plan for the remainder of your life. As you prepare for your time as a retiree, take in these tips to build up...
Work from Home? Tips for Owners of a Home Based Business
In the internet age, you can easily operate your business from home, whether it be as a freelance app designer or financial consultant, and many do – about 53% of all small businesses are home based. However, only a small amount of those busine...
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