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I Owe Back Taxes. Will That Affect My Tax Return This Year?

We can just about guarantee that if you haven’t already been thinking about your taxes, you are now. From national tax commercials to social media, you’ve probably been inundated with plenty of re...

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Going Green Means Seeing Green: How to Save on Taxes
Buying and living eco-friendly isn’t simply a trend – it’s also economical and beneficial come tax season. Perhaps you’re wondering if these are worthy choices to cut down your tax bill. It’s true that many of the tax credits and deduct...
Unable to Pay? Here’s What to do About Your Tax Bill
The squeeze you feel on your wallet might tighten if you’re suddenly hit with a tax bill. Simply put, there are those who just can’t pay. Fortunately, you have a few options. Read below to find the best for your financial situation. If you can af...
Tips to Make Next Year’s Taxes Even Easier
We all want taxes to a be a bit easier – fewer numbers, less document chasing, and more wiggle room. Taxpayers have to go by the book Uncle Sam wrote, but below are a few ways you can lift the weight of it off of your shoulders. Sync Your Sched...
How to Check Your Refund Status
You’ve filed your taxes, and now you’re impatient because this is worse than waiting for your Amazon order to arrive. So how do you check when your money will come in the mail or drop in your account? You have a few options. See the below, and ge...
Retired? Tax Tips for Retirees
Your 9 to 5 job may cease, but dealing with the tax man does not. Hopefully you’ve long contributed to an IRA or 401k, and have a finance plan for the remainder of your life. As you prepare for your time as a retiree, take in these tips to build up...
Work from Home? Tips for Owners of a Home Based Business
In the internet age, you can easily operate your business from home, whether it be as a freelance app designer or financial consultant, and many do – about 53% of all small businesses are home based. However, only a small amount of those busine...
Medical Expenses: Which are Tax Deductible?
As Americans, we spend about $8,000 per year on health care – about 2 and half times more than other developed countries. Is any of that deductible, you ask? An extensive list of expenses are, but there’s a catch. Medical expenses are only de...
What is the Difference? Standard vs. Itemized
Standard and itemized. It may not be entirely clear what the actual difference is between the two deductions, and which you should apply to your tax filing. In short, the best deduction to take is the one that reduces your taxable income the most, eq...
Need to File a Tax Return Extension? Quick Tips to Get Organized
You got an extra day to file your taxes this year, but perhaps you haven’t gathered all of your business expense receipts or accounted for your deductions. Luckily, the IRS offers an extension. If successfully filed, you will have until October 17,...
The First 3 Steps for Removing a Bank Levy
When a bank levy hits, it triggers a whirlwind of questions, most frantically: how do I end and remove it? Once a bank levy is placed on your account, there isn’t anything you can do to forego payment of your debts, but you do have options for fina...
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