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What Every Democratic Presidential Candidate Has to Say about Taxes (Part 2)

Has it been a week already? The first round of democratic primary debates took place just over a week ago, during which viewers watched twenty candidates, split into two nights of ten, square off on m...

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Donating This Year? How To Calculate the Value of Non-Cash Charitable Contributions?
Many taxpayers give to charity – but most don’t simply sign on the dotted line of a personal check. Donations come in forms of clothes, cans, electronics, and more. So how do you value these items for proper deduction? Read below to make sure...
Tips for Filing Your Taxes While Unemployed
If you’re currently on the job market, you’ll have to approach your taxes differently when Uncle Sam comes knocking at your door. There are certain ways of filing, particular tax breaks to take, and it may become more crucial for you to consult a...
The Best Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund
The IRS has just graced your bank account with a tax refund in the quadruple digits and you’re already planning your beachy vacation. Not so fast. There are many ways to spend your tax refund, but there are certainly ways that are best for the well...
Selling Your Home? You Should Read This.
Let’s start with the good news: the money you make from selling your home is usually tax-free. Now you’re wondering, what are the exceptions? It depends on several factors, relating to time and money, outlined below. Know the following rules and ...
Self Employed? The Tax Tips You Need to Know
When you’re self employed, you’re already worrying about so may different moving pieces. Independent insurance payments. Client deadlines. Time management. Your work to life balance. The last thing you need to add to this mix are missed tax tips....
Should You File for a Tax Extension?
If tax filing season is upon you and you aren’t quite ready to file, you may be able to file for an extension. This allows you more time to get the documents you need, request forms you don’t currently have, and to go through your accounts and de...
The Secret Ways to Boost Your Tax Refund
There is nothing worse than overlooking tax deductions and credits that could have resulted in more money in the bank. The IRS doesn’t make it any easier either with their constantly changing tax codes and deadlines. But one thing they won’t tell...
The 5 Rules of Deducting Medical Expenses
Medical expenses can take up a major part of your budget, especially if you don’t have funds set aside for any unexpected emergencies. Luckily, just as the doctor ordered, the IRS gives taxpayers a few breaks in the form of tax deductions. Before y...
Finished Your Taxes? What Records to Keep
After completing your taxes and waiting patiently for your refund, it feels like it’s finally all over – but not so fast. The best thing you can do now to set yourself up for an easier tax season next year is to keep relevant records, prefera...
3 Strategies to Save Your Small Business Money
Many small business owners make careless mistakes when filing their taxes – are you one of them? Instead of throwing your profit to penalties and skipping out on savings, adopt these strategies to save money better spent on helping your busines...
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