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FAQ: I Missed the Tax Extension Deadline for 2021

As of midnight tonight, the tax extension deadline for 2021 will have officially passed. If you filed for an extension but have yet to file, that probably means you’ll have missed the deadline. So w...

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4 Ways to Avoid a Tax Audit Today
Getting audited by the Internal Revenue Service is nothing to write home about. Not only do you have to open your books to an IRS agent, you might have to hire a tax attorney to keep that agent at bay. But staying out of the IRS’s radar is key ...
Your Options for Dealing with Back Tax Debt
Sometimes financial situations can get messy and the resulting back tax debt can add up and get really large, really quickly.  When that happens, the Internal Revenue Service will take any and all actions to get its hands on what it says it’s ...
How To Remove an IRS Wage Garnishment
Running up back tax debt can lead to a host of problems with the authorities. Your assets, like cars and boats, can get seized by government agents and sold to the highest bidder. But your future economic livelihood can also be seized by the IRS thro...
Tax Tips for Newlyweds You Need to Know
Tying the knot can be a wonderful experience for some, or a past life event that’s better forgotten for others. But no matter one’s romantic status, if and when taxpayers tie the knot the tax ramifications shouldn’t be ignored. Gett...
Hiding Money Overseas? IRS Offers New Way Out
Doing business overseas can be very lucrative. But stashing the earnings in a foreign bank account can get you in a heap of trouble with Uncle Sam. Every year, business people sell products overseas. They may open an overseas plant or factory, travel...
How to Speed Up Your Tax Return
Another year, another tax return to file. It’s a part of life that’s sure to happen every year. So while you’re filing the paperwork to get you your hard-earned money back, following a few simple, easy steps can expedite your tax re...
Tax Changes Coming for 2013 Tax Filers
Some changes are in store for those about to file their 2013 tax returns. The wealthy, as well as some married same-sex couples, will feel a dose of change as they prepare their returns. Even taxpayers looking to deduct some healthcare expenses will ...
5 Tips for Better Financial Footing With The IRS
Every New Year brings an opportunity for people to make a resolution to change the way they live, eat, or work. If you’re looking for better financial footing, now’s the time. But the New Year also brings us the chance to better prepare f...
Tax Breaks to Expire by New Year
When the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2014, another year begins and some tax breaks end. New Year’s Day is typically the end point for temporary tax breaks, and some 2013 tax breaks are no exception. These tax breaks range from deductio...
Self-Employed Can Avoid Obamacare Tax
After a bungled website and a wave of cancelled insurance plans, Obamacare has been one of – if not the – biggest news topics of Fall 2013. The Affordable Care Act created a variety of new taxes: taxes on capital gains, dividends, medical devices...
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