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Tax Day Is Here. If You Haven’t Filed, Read This.

Tax Day is in only two days. With only two days until the May 17 tax deadline, the clock is ticking for you to file and pay your taxes for the 2020 tax year. And while many have filed their taxes in t...

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States Look to Raise Money by Taxing Pot
Now that two states – Colorado and Washington – have legalized marijuana, it seems that the momentum to legalize it is starting to pick up steam after California voters rejected marijuana legalization over two years ago. The next topic: T...
Beermakers Look to Brew Tax Cuts
You’ve probably seen them popping up over the past couple years, but craft breweries are now more popular than ever. Beermakers are in. They provide worthy competition for the mass-produced beer the U.S. is known for. They can only brew a certa...
Nearly $1 Billion Owed to Non-Filers
The IRS is sitting on nearly $1 billion in unclaimed refunds, and taxpayers are running out of time to get their hard-earned money back. During 2009, when unemployment was high and many people couldn’t pay a tax professional to prepare their re...
Feds Crack Down on Massive Tax Evader
Nobody likes paying taxes, but an organization president who preached noncompliance with federal tax laws is now set to avoid taxes for a while as he sits in a federal penitentiary. Here is the story of this tax evader. Attempted to Pay Tax Burden wi...
Facebook Defriends Taxes
If you’re on Facebook, one of the privileges you get is to pick and choose your friends list. Every so often, after going on a friending spree, you can filter out that list and defriend people you barely know. The tax attorneys at Facebook are doin...
Phil Mickelson Swings to Hit Tax Rates
Phil Mickelson is one of San Diego’s most famous sports figures. But his new criticism on his tax burden as a Californian triggered a whiplash of criticism that forced the four-time major championship winner to offer a public relations mea culp...
IRS Publishes Tax Evasion Rules
After years of studying and crafting new rules on how to tax more hidden overseas assets, the IRS recently announced the publication of tax evasion rules for the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. Uncle Sam to Now Enforce Tax Evasion Rules Congress ...
Tax Code Stretches 4 Million Words
If you’re intimidated by the length and complexity of the U.S. Tax Code, you’re not alone. It has more than 4 million words! Length of Tax Code Criticized for Burdensome Requirements The complicated tax code was recently the target of a c...
Avoid These Mistakes at Tax Time
Now that the new year has come and gone, one of the next big days sure to hit your calendar is April 15 – the deadline for filing your federal income taxes. So we need to talk about making mistakes at tax time. Common Tax Mistakes Delay Refunds...
Tax Hikes to Hit Rich Post Fiscal Cliff
If there was any time when Washington D.C. politicians were tested to  on their deal-making abilities, that time is now. The so-called “Fiscal Cliff” is set to kick in on Jan. 1, 2013. Why is it called the fiscal cliff? Because that̵...
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