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Remote Work Might Earn You a Surprise Tax Bill

As far as employment goes, last year brought more than its fair share of challenges for workers. It didn’t matter the industry or the stage of the career, the Covid pandemic shook the work landscape...

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Can Your License Be Suspended for Tax Debt?
If you’re deep in tax debt, there will be consequences, and they won’t be pretty. But can your license be suspended for tax debt? Can Your License Be Suspended for Tax Debt? First, there’s the interest that piles up. That interest c...
How to Receive Currently Not Collectible Status
Having back tax debt is bad enough. But what if your back tax debt is so bad you have no way to pay it back? You may think that’s a good thing, because the IRS will forgive your back tax debt. However, that’s usually not how it turns out....
IRS Budget Cuts On The Tax Horizon
As the US government heads into the new year, the part of Uncle Sam that gives you a tax refund, audits you or your business, or takes a piece of your pie in the form of a tax bill will have a smaller budget to do its job. The IRS’s budget it g...
In Tax Trouble with Your Spouse?
After you say “I Do,” give that sweet kiss, and come back from the honeymoon, you and your spouse will have a whole lifetime together to make money, spend money, and unwillingly give money to the IRS. But sometimes while love and marriage...
Underreporting Your Income? Know the Consequences
Some people have the ability to earn most of their income via good old fashioned cash. Getting paid in cash is convenient, since it cuts down on the need to go to a bank. And, cash is the preferred way businesses and people like to get paid. But gett...
Make These Smart Tax Moves Before 2015 Hits
With Thanksgiving approaching, tis’ the season for making smart tax moves before the end of the year that promise to make your taxes for the 2014 year a bit more jolly. November and December are the best months to readjust your finances with th...
What Foreign Asset Disclosure Program Should I Use?
If you have money stashed overseas and it’s keeping you up at night, you might be thinking about turning it in to the IRS and making a full disclosure. Having cash stashed overseas can bring a nice payment or two every so often, sure. But the c...
Unpaid Tax Bills May Prompt Aggressive Enforcement
The IRS is known as the most ruthless and aggressive collection agency on the face of the planet. A recent report may prompt it to up its game as billions in uncollected tax revenue remains outstanding. So unpaid tax bills should have you worried. Th...
Tax Delinquency Lists Haunt Those with Tax Debt
If you’re thinking that not paying your state or federal back taxes won’t come back to haunt you later, you’re wrong. Tax delinquency lists are a real thing. The pain comes in multiple forms: financial, legal, and, now, reputational...
What’s the Effect of a Tax Lien?
Buying and owning your home can be a dream. It can be used to raise a family, or can be used to rent out the rooms and live of the rental payments. But a big enough tax debt can lead to your home being targeted by the IRS through an IRS tax lien. How...
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