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Tax Penalties: Everything You Need to Know

The IRS always gets its money. Always. Whether we like it or not, some portion of our income will skip right past our wallets and head directly to Uncle Sam. When it doesn’t, that’s when we find o...

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Choosing to Ignore Tax Debt? Choose Again.
If you’ve made the decision to ignore tax debt, then your future has some costly and potentially embarrassing measures in store for you.  Tax debt is created by unsuccessful risky tax moves, or lack of intent to pay it. However it’s made...
How Taxes Hinder Your Financial Future
Having unpaid tax debt is the first step the walk towards financial ruin. Tax debt does nothing to improve your financial situation, and gives the IRS all the ammo it needs to pry open your business’s books and get its hands where they don̵...
When Should I Hire A Tax Attorney?
If you’re getting in hot water with the IRS due to back tax debt, you may be able to swim on your own for a while. But the time may come when you’ll need a tax attorney by your side. But when is it necessary for you to hire one?  It may ...
Tax Debt Through the Roof? Try Reducing Penalties
If you’re caught in back tax debt to the IRS, your financial situation is – to say the least – a difficult one.  And it can get worse with the IRS tacking penalties and interest onto the original debt.  That’s why knowing how to req...
Thinking of Representing Yourself in Tax Court?
When you’re dealing with the IRS, you’re in store for a wild ride. Representing yourself in tax court when dealing with the IRS in its efforts to collect your back tax debt is an idea that deserves many second thoughts. The Cons of Repres...
An IRS Agent Is At Your Door. Now What?
It’s your worst nightmare. There’s a knock on your door, you answer, and it’s an IRS revenue officer standing at your doorstep asking for a moment of your time. Getting audited is no laughing matter. If the IRS really wants, it can ...
Five Mistakes to Avoid When Filing Your Tax Returns
Each year gives us the responsibility of filing our taxes and either getting a refund, or paying up. But while filing our taxes gets easier and easier every year with the help of technology and the internet, there’s some mistakes that we’...
Knowing the IRS Audit Process is Key
Going through the IRS audit process is no day at the park. You’ll have to dig up old records, make your case to an IRS agent, and afterward, it could be for nothing if the IRS decides to stick you with a bill for back tax debt.  In this case, ...
The Well-Traveled Roads Leading to IRS Debt
Finding yourself in tax debt with the IRS is no laughing matter. That’s why it’s important to avoid all roads and bridges that lead to IRS debt. Americans get into debt with the IRS for all sorts of reasons. Some don’t have the time...
Don’t Let Back Tax Debt Lower Your Credit Score
One of the most important assets consumers have is their credit score.  Our economy runs on credit. If you’re a business owner or investor, you know firsthand how important credit is. It can help you access loans and cash from financial instit...
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