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Don’t Star in a Tax Horror Story This Halloween

What’s your favorite Halloween movie? Hocus Pocus? Poltergeist? The Nightmare Before Christmas? From the merely themed to the spooky, all the way to the downright horrifying, we gravitate towards a ...

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Revenue Officers: The 411
If you’ve reached the point in back tax liability where your assets are at risk, you will likely deal with a Revenue Officer (RO), the most senior collection agent of the IRS and an individual notoriously difficult to deal with. The IRS appoints an...
5 Tax Credits You Should Know About
You know about the many deductions you can take, but are you taking advantage of the tax credits available? Tax credits often apply to small populations of individuals, but can be more valuable than deductions, often amounting to thousands. These cre...
Have Money Overseas? Here’s How to Report It
Offshore tax evasion is a serious offense and the IRS has taken measures to prevent it; Switzerland is generally closed off, and the organization has teamed with the UK and Australia to further discourage hiding money abroad. If you have money overse...
Business Tax Write-Offs You Should Know About
Starting your own business is not only fun, it’s can be an exciting chapter in life. It’s all part of the American Dream, and the best part about it is that after your new business venture finds success, you can also use some of your expenses to ...
Tax Problems Unlimited: Celebrities in Tax Trouble
Getting into tax debt is no laughing matter, but it’s not limited to average people. When it comes to celebrities in tax trouble, there’s the usual suspects of Wesley Snipes and Nicolas Cage. Financial problem can lead famous actors and m...
The IRS Tax Payment Plan Options You Should Know
Chances are if you’ve ever filed tax returns, you may not have been in the best financial position on April 15. Sometimes, a tax bill can be higher than expected, leaving you unable to pay it all by the traditional spring deadline. But there ar...
Offshore Banking: What You Need To Know
People doing business or living overseas may be interested in doing some offshore banking. When people think of it, they think Swiss bank accounts or funds stashed away on some tropical nation like the Cayman Islands. But the consequences of and rule...
Getting the Most Out of Your Tax Returns
With tax season comes tax returns. And with tax returns, it’s better to take all steps necessary and appropriate to get the most out of your tax return and get a nice refund. Part of getting the most out of your tax return is avoiding mistakes....
Need A Fresh Start After Having Back Tax Debt?
Getting caught up in unpaid IRS back tax debt can have you asking yourself a bunch of questions. How can I pay off my IRS tax debt with a payment plan? Can I pay off my back tax debt for less than what’s owed? Am I in danger of having a back ta...
Can Your License Be Suspended for Tax Debt?
If you’re deep in tax debt, there will be consequences, and they won’t be pretty. But can your license be suspended for tax debt? Can Your License Be Suspended for Tax Debt? First, there’s the interest that piles up. That interest c...
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