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Don’t Star in a Tax Horror Story This Halloween

What’s your favorite Halloween movie? Hocus Pocus? Poltergeist? The Nightmare Before Christmas? From the merely themed to the spooky, all the way to the downright horrifying, we gravitate towards a ...

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How to File an Amended Tax Return
We’re here to talk about how to file an amended tax return. So, tell us if this story sounds at all familiar. You’ve finally done it. After hours and hours of work unearthing receipts and forms, you’ve finished filing your tax return. Whether y...
Tax Day Is Here. If You Haven’t Filed, Read This.
Tax Day is in only two days. With only two days until the May 17 tax deadline, the clock is ticking for you to file and pay your taxes for the 2020 tax year. And while many have filed their taxes in the extra month the IRS added to the usual April 15...
Remote Work Might Earn You a Surprise Tax Bill
As far as employment goes, last year brought more than its fair share of challenges for workers. It didn’t matter the industry or the stage of the career, the Covid pandemic shook the work landscape around the world. From mass layoffs and furloughs...
What is the IRS Statute of Limitations on Tax Debt?
When you’re facing down serious a serious tax bill, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about just how, exactly, you’ll pay it. It’s pretty much inevitable. That’s one of the reasons tax debt—or any debt, really—can bring so much s...
10 Tips to Avoid a Tax Bill in 2021
As we get into the 2021 tax season, you may have already started thinking about having to file your taxes. But whether or not you plan to file early or wait until closer to the deadline, you probably already have a few things on your mind. Will you e...
“Do I Have to Pay Taxes on Stimulus Payments?”
The start of tax season in 2021 marks the beginning of one of the most complex tax filing seasons in most tax filers’ lifetimes. While we hope your income and finances went unaffected in 2020, we know that wasn’t the reality for millions. A host ...
IRS Fresh Start Program: What is it?
Tax debt serves as a burden unlike any other. But we bet we don’t have to tell you that. If you’re reading this right now, there’s a decent chance you found yourself looking for information on tax debt and tax relief. Because most of the time, ...
How Early Can I File My Taxes in 2021?
After a tumultuous 2020, we’ve finally reached the finished line. Welcome to 2021! Here’s hoping for a much better year ahead. With that, we hope for a bit more normalcy in our lives and businesses, health and world news—just to name a few. On ...
Tax Attorneys: Everything You Need to Know
As we all know, the tax landscape is complicated. In fact, the word “complicated” may really undersell the reality of the IRS and state tax codes! Regardless, taxes provide a pretty significant challenge to most people, even during the regular ta...
5 Tax Mistakes to Correct Before 2021
With 2020 nearly behind us (thank goodness), we’re turning our attention toward 2021—and all the potential it has in store for us. Unfortunately, along with all that potential comes some serious consequences for taxpayers who might find themselve...
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