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Tax Penalties: Everything You Need to Know

The IRS always gets its money. Always. Whether we like it or not, some portion of our income will skip right past our wallets and head directly to Uncle Sam. When it doesn’t, that’s when we find o...

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How to Qualify for a First Time Abatement
Best laid plans, right? After nearly two decades working with taxpayers from all walks of life to resolve their tax issues with the IRS, we’ve learned with no uncertainty that even the most punctual, organized person can miss a tax deadline or forg...
What to Expect from Taxes on Mutual Funds
So, you’ve invested in your very first mutual fund. Congratulations! You’ve joined a large group of investors committed to diversifying their investments. However, upon entering the mutual fund game, you may have some questions. For example, what...
Passport Revoked by the IRS? Not Anymore.
When you’re struggling against the IRS, you have a lot to deal with, even without having a passport revoked by the IRS. Your fears about wage garnishments, levies, and tax liens sit with you and can leave a pit in your stomach. These worst-case sce...
How Do Tax Relief Companies Work?
So, you’ve got some debt. Tax debt, to be specific. Or, perhaps you’ve recently learned that the IRS has placed a tax lien on your home. Maybe the IRS has begun garnishing your wages. Or perhaps your tax bill was simply larger than you expected t...
Tax Scam: Did I Get Scammed by TurboTax?
If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think too much about taxes until tax season rolls around. Or until you hear about a tax scam. Whether that’s organizing your receipts or placing your tax documents in a file—when you’ve finally...
3 Considerations to Make Before Filing Past Due Tax Returns
Filed lately? If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance the answer is no. You might just have past due tax returns. We get it! Taxes can be intimidating, and many taxpayers who haven’t filed in a while didn’t set out to commit tax evasion...
Tax Liens 101 (Part 2): How Do I Stop an IRS Tax Lien?
Welcome back to Tax Liens 101! We’re glad to have you with us in our two-part series as we cover all things IRS tax liens, from what tax liens are and how the IRS assesses them to how to get rid of them once at for all. At StopIRSDebt.com, we belie...
Tax Liens 101 (Part 1): What Happens During an IRS Tax Lien?
If you’re reading this, it’s not too late! You may think you’ve hit the end of the road or that your tax debt has spun out of control. Maybe you think you’re in too deep or you received a letter telling you the IRS is going to place an IRS ta...
3 Green Tax Credits You Can Use on Your Taxes This Year
Whether you’re walking down the street or watching a presidential debate, the health of the environment is a topic you really can’t miss. So it’s no surprise we’re here to talk about green tax credits. Calls to go green are heard far ...
What Are the Penalties for Missing the Tax Deadline?
With another Tax Day in the books, most Americans have turned their attention away from their tax deadline woes. Now they’re thinking about other pressing issues, like the end of the school year, summer, and perhaps even how to spend that juicy tax...
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