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Thanks for taking the time to visit our site! We’ve provided a lot of useful information on our site, but for a deeper understanding of the tax relief process, we’ve provided several brochures to help better educate you, topic by topic. This list of tax tips will expand often, so check back for new guides and downloads. And if you have a suggestion for a topic, email us!

Important IRS Deadlines

Besides April 15th, there are many other important IRS deadlines and dates that you need to know. Make sure and stay on top of all your personal and business filing dates and avoid needless penalties and interest with this valuable ebook.


Tax Settlement Options

There are countless ways to resolve and settle outstanding tax debt. Get to know each some of the more popular programs available to taxpayers and businesses in this enlightening download.


How To Stop Wage Garnishments

If you’re suffering from an IRS or State wage garnishment, you know first hand how crippling this form of collection can be. Learn some inside tips for releasing these quickly and getting your accounts back into the green.


Understanding IRS Penalties

When you owe the IRS back taxes, they will begin to charge penalties and interest t an alarming rate, and the amount owed can spiral out of control quickly. Learn what you’re being charged and why to take better control of your issue.


5 Ways To Avoid An Audit

Anyone on the other side of an IRS examination and audit can attest first hand how tough these issues can be to navigate. Learn some tips and tricks for avoiding audits altogether in this free and powerful download.


Foreign Banking 101 (FBAR/OVDI)

If you’ve had an overseas bank account with more than $10,000 in it, and it’s gone unreported to the IRS, this is one download you need to read! Learn what you need to be aware of to avoid criminal charges and hefty fines.


IRS Form 8821

This form is the first step in representation, and allows us to order your master tax file from the IRS.


IRS Form 2848

The 2848 is a limited IRS power of attorney form, providing us authority to represent your interests directly with either the IRS or state collection authorities.


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