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State Corporation Requirements

Whether you are just starting a business or incorporating a business already in existence, it is helpful to know and understand the for...

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Starting a Business

When starting a business, there are so many things to worry about, from where will it be located? To how many employees do I need? All ...

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Opening and running a Small Business

Opening and Running a Small Business Time for a little Business 101. If you’re confident you already understand major business entiti...

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Hobby Farm Loss Rule

Overall the IRS really does allow a lot of benefits and deductions to Farmers and other business owners. As a business small-business o...

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Hiring Employees

  Hiring Paperwork Unless you’re going into business alone, you’ll eventually have to do hiring paperwork. Today’s lesson sh...

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Farming Q & A

Did you receive any payout from crop insurance policies? If the answer is yes, then this may be considered income! You will need to acc...

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Estimated Tax Payments for Self-Employed

  What does “Self-Employed” mean? The answer seems obvious, right? Remember: there are no stupid questions; when it co...

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Employment Taxes

Employment and Payroll Taxes We’ve already discussed tax requirements for employers to some degree in a previous lesson. Any person w...

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Employee or Self-Employed

Hiring Employees It’s nice to do things your own way, isn’t it? Surely. But, after awhile, you may find that the dirty details add ...

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Employee Benefits

In this lesson, we’ll discuss the various benefits that you might provide as a small business owner to your employees and why doing s...

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Deductible Business Expenses for Farmers

Of course, you always have expenses when running a business. Imagine you’ve collected in a pot all the money you made from farming, a...

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Closing a Business

Whatever the reason–whether due to financial strain, or pursuit of a new venture–it’s important to allow yourself amp...

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