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Hiring a tax relief firm to resolve your tax debt is a very important financial consideration. You need to be assured that the firm you hire will live up to your expectations and provide reliable support and outstanding results.

For years has helped people in all walks of life get life-changing results with their tax resolution issues, and a few of them wrote reviews.

All the reviews have been verified, and the words of encouragement keep our team motivated to keep delivering terrific outcomes across the nation. Here are a few testimonials that caught our eye. We hope they inspire you to take action against your tax debt, and excite you about your possibilities for success!

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Clients are Saying

Rita H.

"Please let me do a commercial!"

To Whom It May Concern:

Words cannot convey how awesome this firm had struggled. My case has been ongoing for ruffle 4 years. Christina and the crew never gave up on this case.

I am truly glad that Mr. Turner didn’t let me fall by the waist side. He reached out to me and ask that I give the firm a chance to redeem themselves.

They have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Christina stayed on top of all that paperwork with and without her morning coffee. Details, Diligence and Delivery is the main words that for this firm.

No amount of thank you can begin to cover the tears and emotions I feel at this moment.

PLEASE, Please, please let me do a commercial for your firm. I want to do this. I have to do this. People need to know just how AWESOME you are.

No contract needed!!!!!! I just want to do this for you.

Thank you Mr. Turner
Thank you Team
Thank you Christina, my friend, my Muse, my love.

Be blessed in Jesus name


Robert S.

"Like cutting butter with a hot knife"

This has been a hassle free experience so far. Getting all the correct forms was time consuming. I do wish support would make contact more often

"I would have been LOST!"

WOW! What a company to have in your corner! Kim ********* and Ava ******** closed my case in 2 months! They took time to review my case thoroughly. And when I needed to speak directly to either, they were accessible by phone or e-mail. I went from owing $80,000 to owning $0.00! With out their patience and genuine concern for me and my family, I would have been LOST! (at one point I was so stressed that I couldn’t eat or sleep…lol) I highly recommend STOPIRSDEBT!

Lisa Tabella
Naples, FL

"“My experience was a very positive one”"

My experience with was a very positive one. Chris K was very thorough explaining the whole process to me. He was most patient, and very courteous. He put me at ease. He understood the stress I felt regarding my particular case, and I felt his sincerity. He assured me that the company would investigate my case and could possibly drastically reduce my total owed to the IRS, or maybe even owe zero. I look forward to working with them.

Having a tax debt is stressful. We can help.