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Hiring a tax relief firm to resolve your tax debt is a very important financial consideration. You need to be assured that the firm you hire will live up to your expectations and provide reliable support and outstanding results.

Be assured that we will live up to your expectations and provide reliable support and outstanding results.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a popular research tool for many consumers, and their reports, grades and reviews have helped thousands of consumers make informed buying decisions. To date our grade is an A+, the highest rating a company can have. So, who are we, and what sets us apart from other companies you may be considering?

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Our Mission

By hiring StopIRSDebt.com with your tax resolution matter, you are trusting in a relationship that we hope lasts a very long time. It is our goal to service you so well, that you allow us the opportunity to maintain all of your tax return and planning needs in the future, and to address any tax-related issues that may arise.

Don't tackle the IRS alone. We can help.

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"“My experience was a very positive one”"

My experience with StopIRSDebt.com was a very positive one. Chris K was very thorough explaining the whole process to me. He was most patient, and very courteous. He put me at ease. He understood the stress I felt regarding my particular case, and I felt his sincerity. He assured me that the company would inv...

Lisa Tabella, Naples, FL
Posted 11/14/2017

"What a company to have in your corner! "

WOW! What a company to have in your corner! Kim C. and Ava M. closed my case in 2 months! They took time to review my case thoroughly. And when I needed to speak directly to either, they were accessible by phone or e-mail. I went from owing $80,000 to owning $0.00! With out their patience and genuine concern...

Eddie, United States
Posted 11/14/2017

"I would hire them again"

I am amazed at how friendly all these gals were. I like that they took the time to speak to me when I didn't know what to do on forms and how they understood I messed up. I did not feel judged and they helped me knock this stuff right out. I would hire them again if I needed to...although I will do my best no...

Mike A., Chicago, IL
Posted 9/28/2017

"Thumbs way up!"

Honest bunch of people work here. Very different approach to tax debt than some other firms. I will continue to use them each year to do my tax returns. Thumbs way up!

Lamont Spangler, Chester, PA
Posted 9/25/2017


YES YES YES!!! This truly has been a blessing in my life. I can not sing enough praises. I feel like we can finally retire ion peace because of the great job they all did resolving our tax issues. I would definitely hire them again and I think the process is very easy. It took several months and I can say wit...

Betty Becker, Dallas, TX
Posted 9/20/2017

"Best Prices"

Their prices were the best of the folks I called. Seems to be working out. No more garnishment. so I think they are good.

Dan Demeria, Phoenix, AZ
Posted 8/30/2017

A brief history of

Our Company

When we founded the firm years ago, it was not our intention to create a company merely following in the footsteps of our competition. We thought there was room in the tax relief landscape for a better company, a better way of doing things, and as we enter our fifteenth year of doing business, we’re proud to have established a landmark firm deeply grounded in principal and fundamentally dedicated to overall client satisfaction.

We haven’t always been perfect, but being perfect is our goal. Where we’ve failed, we’ve listened and improved. And where we’ve succeeded we’ve grown from and added to. Overall, we’ve helped bring thousands of clients a permanent solution to their tax burden, and we’ve done it the right way.

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Our Team

The collection of tax professionals in our firm is testament to our focused resolve to find and hire only the best. And of all the qualities of an employee that we demand, the singular quality our clients have come to rely on is patience.

We understand that you’ve been trying your best to juggle a stressful tax debt for years, and have finally acknowledged that you need help. We take this privilege seriously, and are proud you are turning to us to guide you patiently through the process. Our team has years of tax settlement and collections experience, and will make sure whatever tax relief issue you have will be handled quickly to get you the most substantial outcome possible.

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Our Primary Focus

Tax Professionals on Your Side

Having a tax debt can be one of the most stressful financial considerations of someone’s life. The IRS is a formidable opponent, and their resources for collection are unmatched. But, however small you may think they are, or however small the IRS has convinced you they are, you have rights. Legal rights.

We understand this and can help you in incredible, impacting ways. We’ve put together a team of tax professionals that are on your side, from beginning to end. Consider them your teammates and your coaches. Together it’s our goal to help you achieve what you couldn’t on your own and to bring closure to this troubling financial obstacle.

Having a tax debt is stressful. We can help.