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Preparing your tax return is long and confusing. Good news. We're your one-stop-shop for anything and everything you need to get your return done right.

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Have an S-Corp? LLC? Don't know where to start? We cover A to Z on anything and everything Business, from what forms to file to closing a business.

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Looking for the right IRS form? Good news, your search ends here. Browse hundreds of IRS forms you'll need to get your return done right.

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Get up to speed on the most current tax relief articles, insights and tips for personal and business issues right here on our world-famous blog.

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The experienced professionals at StopIRSDebt are your resource for the latest and greatest for all things tax. So check back here often to stay abreast of all recent and emerging tax issues, and if you have a question or just wanna chat tax, we’re ready to help.

About Dependents

Are you unsure about who can be claimed as a dependent on your taxes? A dependent must either be a “qualifying child” or “qualifying relative”, with different rules for each. Properly identifying your dependents can significantly impact your return. Click here to understand who is a qualifying dependent.

Filing Status

Determining which filing status applies to you can be confusing, especially when it comes to choosing the one that will least impact your taxes. Visit our ‘Income Tax Filing Status’ page to Click here to help determine what your filing status is.

Deductions Checklists

A Link to all of our Tax deduction checklist based on industry. From Farmers, to Uber Drivers, we have all of the common industries to make sure you are getting that maximum deduction every time. Click here to learn more.

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Anyone on the other side of an IRS examination and audit can attest first hand how tough these issues can be to navigate. Learn some tips and tricks for avoiding an audit altogether in this free and powerful download.

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