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Celebrities in Tax Debt
Tax Problems Not Limited: Celebrities in Tax Trouble

Not Limited To Average Joes Getting into tax debt is no laughing matter, but it’s not limited to average people. When it comes to celebrities in tax trouble, there’s the usual suspects of Wesley Snipes and Nicolas Cage. Financial problem can lead famous actors and musicians to ask themselves one simple question: “How can I […]

Phil Mickelson Swings to Hit Tax Rates

Famed Professional Golfer Suffers Blowback After Tax Criticism Phil Mickelson is one of San Diego’s most famous sports figures. But his new criticism on his tax burden as a Californian triggered a whiplash of criticism that forced the four-time major championship winner to offer a public relations mea culpa. Mickelson, whose won 40 major events […]

Even the Beatles Fought the Taxman

Song “Taxman” Highlights Frustration by Storied Band The Beatles were one of the world’s most successful bands, but that didn’t stop the tax man from getting his fair share from Paul, John, George and Ringo. One of the more socially and politically-poignant songs the group released over their long career was the song “Taxman,” about […]

Rock Stars Who Owed Back Taxes

Behind the Music: Back Taxes Ask any guy what his dream job is and rock star is sure to make the list. Life doesn’t get any better when you’re making big bucks playing music in front of thousands of people. But while being an entertainer can be fun, it’s still a job – with taxes […]

Actors Who Owed Back Taxes

Tax Man Plays a Starring Role Behind the Scene Actors can get their hands on some serious pay days when they get that starring role in a major motion picture. But after the roles dry up and the work stops, the little money left over leaves little left for the tax man. Actors place a […]

Rap and R&B Musicians Who Owed Back Taxes

It May Be Hip To Hop Over IRS Tax Liens Musicians and back taxes seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly, and rap music and R&B performers are no exception. Rappers love to rap about money, but once they end up owing back taxes to the IRS and face multiple IRS liens, they […]

Facebook Founder Unfriends US, Taxes

Original Facebooker Renounces US Citizenship as IPO Comes Eduardo Saverin was pretty much unknown to the millions of Facebook users before “The Social Network” hit movie screens in 2010. His tax bill will also be unknown to the IRS now that he’s renounced his US citizenship. Saverin joined almost 1,800 other US nationals in 2011 […]

Pamela Anderson in Tax Trouble

Blonde Bombshell Owes CA More Than Half-Million Blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson may have been living the good life as a model and actress for several years, but those times are coming to an end as the taxman comes after her. The Canadian-born model, actress and Playboy playmate owes California tax authorities $524,241 in back taxes. […]

Nicolas Cage Makes Big Dent in IRS Tax Bill

Movie Star Removes $6.2 Million IRS Lien, But Still Owes Known for his storied movie career and problems with the IRS, actor Nic Cage made a sizeable dent in his total IRS tax debt and is just a few million dollars from financial freedom. Cage recently paid off more than $6.2 million off his total […]

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