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Payroll Tax
3 Strategies to Save Your Small Business Money

Many small business owners make careless mistakes when filing their taxes – are you one of them? Instead of throwing your profit to penalties and skipping out on savings, adopt these strategies to save money better spent on helping your business thrive. Smartly Account for Expenses First order of business: never overlook small expenses. One-time […]

Unable to Pay? Here’s What to do About Your Tax Bill

The squeeze you feel on your wallet might tighten if you’re suddenly hit with a tax bill. Simply put, there are those who just can’t pay. Fortunately, you have a few options. Read below to find the best for your financial situation. If you can afford payments… Online Payment Plan An online payment plan agreement […]

Work from Home? Tips for Owners of a Home Based Business

In the internet age, you can easily operate your business from home, whether it be as a freelance app designer or financial consultant, and many do – about 53% of all small businesses are home based. However, only a small amount of those business owners claim the many tax deductions available. Below are tips on […]

Smart Business Tax Write-offs You Should Know About

Use Expenses To Lower Tax Load Starting your own business is not only fun, it’s can be an exciting chapter in life. It’s all part of the American Dream, and the best part about it is that after your new business venture finds success, you can also use some of your expenses to lower your […]

Incorrect Worker Classification Leads to Tax Disputes

 Independent Contractor or Employee? The Answer Matters Running your own business can be pretty satisfying, and choosing the right people to join your team can make all the difference. But how you classify your workers matters. Employers have options: they can pay an employee with a W-2, or keep them at arms length by paying […]

Payroll Tax Cut Center of DC Squabble

House Rejects Rare Senate Compromise Benjamin Franklin once said that nothing was certain except for death and taxes. And while the politicians in Washington bicker and feud, it seems more taxes are certain starting Jan. 1. After a rare compromise had been reached in the Senate, all eyes turned on the House of Representatives to […]

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