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Revenue Officers
Making Federal Tax Payments: What You Should Know

Working for yourself comes with the benefit being flexible to make your own schedule, but it also comes with the responsibility of paying your own federal taxes. As an employee, you can expect to pay your federal taxes at the end of the tax year, but it’s not quite that simple (or advantageous) to wait […]

Top IRS Penalties and How to Avoid Them

While the IRS will never win a popularity contest, failing to obey tax laws or submitting a tax return with mistakes can subject you to penalties and fines. Use this penalty checklist as a guide to prepare accurate and timely tax returns. Tax Mistakes With IRS Penalties Forgetting to sign your return. Did you know […]

How to Deal with an IRS Revenue Officer

If you owe money in back taxes to the IRS, an IRS revenue officer (RO) may be assigned to your case. Your case will first be assessed by an IRS revenue agent and then escalated to a revenue officer if it is felt your case requires further attention. IRS revenue officers are granted significant powers […]

Taxpayers Beware: What You Need to Know About IRS Impersonators

At the end of October, 20 arrests were made in connection to a lengthy IRS impersonation scam, that involved persons in 8 states in the U.S., as well as some in India, where the head conspirators resided. Fortunately, these scammers have been rightfully charged by the Department of Justice, but they got away stealing over […]

3 Strategies to Save Your Small Business Money

Many small business owners make careless mistakes when filing their taxes – are you one of them? Instead of throwing your profit to penalties and skipping out on savings, adopt these strategies to save money better spent on helping your business thrive. Smartly Account for Expenses First order of business: never overlook small expenses. One-time […]

Unable to Pay? Here’s What to do About Your Tax Bill

The squeeze you feel on your wallet might tighten if you’re suddenly hit with a tax bill. Simply put, there are those who just can’t pay. Fortunately, you have a few options. Read below to find the best for your financial situation. If you can afford payments… Online Payment Plan An online payment plan agreement […]

Retired? Tax Tips for Retirees

Your 9 to 5 job may cease, but dealing with the tax man does not. Hopefully you’ve long contributed to an IRA or 401k, and have a finance plan for the remainder of your life. As you prepare for your time as a retiree, take in these tips to build upon the foundation you’ve put […]

Revenue Officers : The 411

If you’ve reached the point in back tax liability where your assets are at risk, you will likely deal with a Revenue Officer (RO), the most senior collection agent of the IRS and an individual notoriously difficult to deal with. The IRS appoints an officer to your case with the power to issue levies and […]

An IRS Agent Is At Your Door. Now What?

Know The Process To Have The Edge It’s your worst nightmare. There’s a knock on your door, you answer, and it’s an IRS revenue officer standing at your doorstep asking for a moment of your time.  Getting audited is no laughing matter. If the IRS really wants, it can drag you through the mud, making […]

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