Ashraf I. from Texas

He saved $444,845 after our audit representation!

Sometimes, good things happen to good people in bad situations. Like Ashraf I. He was diligently running his company when the IRS audited him and hit his corporation with a massive tax debt of nearly half a million dollars. Because of the complexity of the situation, Ashraf did the diligent thing and looked for help, contacting our firm for assistance. We began our audit representation quickly, and ended up with quite a success story! was able to put together all the necessary corporate documents and prove that the distributions to the officer of the company were actually loans that were eventually repaid. The IRS closed the examination and voided all of their additional assessments. Total client savings: $444,845.

Audits are a big deal, and no one know this better than Ashraf I. The IRS threw him a fastball, but like a wise coach he let our staff go to bat for him, and together we hit it out of the ballpark. Now that’s good teamwork worth cheering for!

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