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Category: Economic News

Internet Taxes Coming to a Mouse Near You
More States Adopting Online Sales Taxes As a struggling economy tightens state budgets across the country, more state capitols are taxing internet sales to lessen the pinch. Online sales taxes are coming to more and more states, giving online custome...
Sports Tax Breaks A Favorite of State Capitals
Professional Sports Teams Save Money with Tax Incentives When it comes to professional sports, every city wants a piece of the pie. So cities and states giving tax breaks for big league sports teams to locate and stay within their borders is nothing ...
Golden State Suffers $10 Billion Tax Gap
Californians Stiff Sacramento In the Golden State, things are looking less golden for Sacramento’s bean counters. The chief researcher for California’s tax agency told his supervising board that the state loses out on $10 billion every year at a ...
Greek Debt Deal Shaves Risk for U.S. Taxpayers
International Credit Crisis Averts Higher Tax Rates After two years of scaring investors on both sides of the Atlantic, the Greek debt crisis is close to being resolved. The country was set to default after living beyond its means since before it ado...
Go Back to School on Uncle Sam!
Tax Credits Available for Educational Expenses It’s fall, and that usually means that it’s back to school season. If you’re not too cool, then school may be on your horizon. If you’re an adult, there are plenty of reasons to start hitting the...
Amazon Fights Jungle-Sized Sales Tax
Company Uses Economic Might to Resist Millions in Taxes If there’s any company in the U.S. that can be called bold when it comes to avoiding taxes, it may be Amazon. The shopping website and company may not be a Wesley Snipes, but when various stat...
Even the U.S. cannot default on bills
In the Spring of 1979, Congress was “playing politics” over the debt limit, but ultimately raised it to $830 billion (a far cry from today’s $14.3 trillion) with only hours to spare. Unfortunately, because of the last-minute approval, there wer...
Washington in Uproar Over Debt Limit
Obama squares off with Republicans! Washington is seeing a bit of drama unfold as President Obama and Republican leaders in Congress face off over tax breaks and their impact on the nation’s long-term spending. The debate over increasing the U.S. G...
GE Skips out on Taxes!
Tax Attorneys and tax code helped them, and can help you too! If you’ve been watching the news lately, then you may have heard that General Electric – one of the US’ largest corporations – paid no taxes in 2010. That’s right, the conglomera...
Why is tax day on April 15th?
Thank Swamped IRS Employees for the Mid-April Date. For millions of Americans, April 15 is that dreaded day when we go head-to-head with the IRS, making that trip to the post office or sitting at the computer to file our tax returns. It either goes w...
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