IRS Wage Garnishment

In terms of severity, most taxpayers view IRS wage garnishments on par with tax liens. And we can’t blame you there; you don’t want to let a wage garnishment harm your financial future. In this section of the blog, we discuss all things wage garnishment: why the IRS garnishes wages, what it means for your employer, and how to end your wage garnishment in its tracks. Wage garnishments can seem incredibly complicated, but they don’t have to be. If you’re facing down an IRS wage garnishment, get in touch with one of our tax specialists today—free—with our live chat feature, located to the bottom right of your screen – or by clicking here.

Category: IRS Wage Garnishment
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IRS Seizes Money 3.7 Million Times in 2011
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Learn to Avoid Wage Garnishments
IRS wage garnishments don’t just happen to anyone. They happen when you’ve ignored your tax debt for too long and the IRS has no choice but to enforce collections. You may have had many personal or emotional reasons for not paying your tax debt. ...
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