Tax and Politics

Politics may be divisive and polarizing, but it impacts every aspect of our lives—including our taxes. Read this section of our blog to find out when Washington is taking aim at tax policy. New tax laws, tax debates, and even state headlines can be found here. We’ll walk you through all the biggest headlines to help you understand how our elected officials may affect your taxes. Have questions about your taxes? Get them answered by using our free live chat feature, located to the bottom right of your screen – or by clicking here.

Category: Tax and Politics
How Businesses Can Save on Healthcare
President Obama and Congress just passed major legislation overhauling our country’s healthcare system, and if you’re a small business owner there will be changes to the tax code for you to take advantage of over the coming months. Healthcare Tax...
Save Energy on Uncle Sam’s Dime
Hoping to inject a dose of energy into our sluggish economy, Congress just passed a massive stimulus measure in hopes of getting it back on track. Now, you can save energy and have the government help with the tab. Stimulus Full of Energy Efficiency ...
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