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How to Prep for Next Year Now – It’s More Than Saving Receipts
2018 is half over – are you thinking about next year’s filing? Well, you should be. You already know that most of the hassle is often due to time spent gathering documents, scratching your head to remember deductions, and other administrative pap...
What to Do When Your Return Is Rejected
Filing your taxes can be a huge undertaking, even if your financial situation hasn’t changed much since last year. So submitting or mailing is often quite the stress relief. But what happens if the IRS rejects your return? And why does it get rejec...
How to Stop a Tax Lien from Ruining Your Credit
Receiving a letter from the IRS can be scary. But a tax lien is not as terrifying as it sounds. You can stop a tax lien or even remove a tax lien from your credit files before it damages your credit score if you know the right steps to take. What Is ...
Roger That: Tax Breaks for Military Service
As a man or women of service, Uncle Sam would like to salute you. Read below to become familiar with the tax breaks for military service that you can rightfully claim next tax season. Tax Breaks for Military Service State tax break If you’ve been r...
How Your Health Benefits Affect Your Taxes
Your health accounts and medical expenses are probably a large component on your financial radar. It’s important to know the ins and outs to ensure you are taking advantage of what’s offered to you and how this affects your taxes. From account ty...
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