Federal Workers Owe IRS Billions

Did you enjoy paying your income taxes last year? Looks like thousands of federal employees decided that last year’s April 15 wasn’t for them. A recent IRS report announced that 279,000 federal workers and retirees owe Uncle Sam more than $3.4 billion in back taxes. It even starts at the top.

Thousands of Federal Workers Owe Billions in Back Taxes

Three dozen of President Obama’s staff members owed a combined $834,000 in back taxes from 2010. Congressional staff members are also notorious non-payers, stiffing Uncle Sam to a combined $10.6 million.

Among the various Cabinet departments, the highest delinquency rate belonged to the departments of Education and Housing and Urban Development at almost 4 percent. The Treasury Department, the IRS’ parent department, had a 1 percent delinquent rate.

What’s the background?

By law the IRS is required to provide annual reports to Congress about the tax cheats on government payrolls. Just over 98,000 civilian employees have a tax lien against them.

If you’re looking for the group of federal workers who owe the IRS back taxes, look no further than the mail man. The highest amount owed to the IRS, at almost $270 million, belongs to postal workers.

Federal Workers Are Still on the Hook

While it may seem unfair that so many federal workers don’t pay their back taxes, at the end of the day Joe and Jane Taxpayer still have to send in their 1040.

But don’t fret just because you’re not a federal employee. By hiring a tax attorney, you can possibly obtain a settlement agreement that works favorably for you.

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