IRS Slaps Tax Lien on Model Naomi Campbell!

Embattled supermodel Naomi Campbell could use one of those diamonds to pay off a super-sized IRS tax debt. The feds claim the cell-phone chucking billionaire-dating diva owes more than $63,000 in delinquent federal taxes, according to new public records.

Naomi Campbell in Hot Water with the IRS

The lien was filed days before the 40-year-old Campbell testified at the war crimes trial of Liberian ex-president Charles Taylor. She testified that she received “dirty-looking stones” after a dinner she attended with Taylor in September 1997 that was hosted by Nelson Mandela. Campbell said she was unsure if the stones were uncut diamonds — often called “blood diamonds” because the gems are used to finance conflicts.

What does she owe? The IRS filed a $63,487 tax lien against her July 28 with the New York City Register’s office. According to the lien, she owes taxes assessed in 2009. The address on the tax lien is the landmark Carnegie Hall Tower skyscraper in New York City. Campbell sold her $4.5 million Park Avenue duplex a few years ago and also owns this Jamaican getaway.

Just like in the movies, the IRS is a formidable opponent.

For most, even celebrities like Naomi Campbell, having a tax debt does not have a Hollywood fairy tale ending. Taxpayers wrongly attempt to try and handle the IRS themselves. And the ending can be one of the worst financial choices of their lives. Imagine going into a courtroom without an attorney representing your rights? The results would be disastrous. You must pay the same consideration to your tax debt. When the IRS has failed repeatedly to collect back taxes through letters, phone calls and threats, they will begin the process of forced collections. This complicated process can prove to be stressful and incredibly costly. Most taxpayers spend an overwhelming amount of time and energy going back and forth acquiescing to the IRS’s demands. Meanwhile, most are ill prepared to successfully bring resolution.

Levies, wage garnishments, liens and asset seizures are preventable.

The most important and overlooked aspect of tax relief is to prevent tax debt from accruing altogether. The quicker you make your tax debt a priority, the quicker and easier it is to bring resolution. If left alone, a tax debt will not only grow through applied penalties and interest, sometimes doubling, tripling, even quadrupling the original amount owed, but will eventually be collected, either on your terms, or theirs. That’s one ending most want to avoid.

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