LA Dodgers Owner Dodges the Taxman

Divorce Court Filings Say Frank, Jamie McCourt Paid No Taxes Over Five Years

If any couple in the city of Angels sits at the center of the media spotlight, it’s Frank and Jamie McCourt.

The two have been a focus of the media as they battle over ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers in divorce court. At the same time, Frank’s battling with Major League Baseball to retain ownership of the team after the Dodgers filed for bankruptcy

Enmeshed in controversy over Frank’s business practices, Dodger Stadium is now the scene of slumping attendance that’s costing the franchise millions of dollars in revenue.

But while Frank and Jamie McCourt battle over their multiple homes and ownership of one of baseball’s most storied franchises, they saved a pretty penny over the last five years of their marriage. One of Jamie’s divorce court filings said the couple paid no state or federal income taxes from 2004 to 2009, leading MLB Commissioner Bud Selig to state that Frank was being investigated by the IRS.

How Frank could dodge the taxman for so long can probably be due to the tricky legal work of a few – and expensive – tax attorneys. Indeed, Frank has received criticism for dividing the franchise into 26 different entities.

In a town seduced by glitz, glamour and good fortune, the McCourts’ high-profile divorce case put them in a league of their own. But while Frank reaps the potential benefits of his tax attorneys (let’s see what the IRS has to say first), those with back tax debt don’t always have to strike out with the IRS.  With a little luck and a good tax attorney, you too can hit one out of the ballpark.

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