Tax Relief Review: Michael K. from Minnesota

Tax Relief Review: He saved almost $178,000!

Sometimes there is a tax relief review for a case that is too good not to share. Like this one. Our client, Michael K. from Minnesota, contacted us after seeing us on TV. After a lengthy consultation, he agreed to take on our services and become a client. That turned out to be a very good decision—possibly the best Michael ever made! After bringing the taxpayer into compliance with the IRS, prepared an Offer in Compromise which was accepted for $5,000 on the $183,216 individual income tax liability. Think about that. Just $5,000 on $183,216. Talk about savings!

We’re not claiming everyone will save the kind of money Michael did, but if you do, it deserves to be in the spotlight as our case of the month! These are exactly the types of success stories our team of tax professionals, tax attorneys, and tax relief specialists live for. It’s why we do precisely what we do. We’re here to help, and sometimes, that means lowering your tax bill down by over 97%! Hats off to everyone who worked on this case, and congratulations to Michael K.!

If you ever need our help, just give us a ring. We’re more than happy to lend a hand.

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