Pamela Anderson in Tax Trouble

Blonde Bombshell Owes CA More Than Half-Million

Blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson may have been living the good life as a model and actress for several years, but those times are coming to an end as the taxman comes after her.

The Canadian-born model, actress and Playboy playmate owes California tax authorities $524,241 in back taxes. In fact, the state put her on the list of its 500 biggest income tax scofflaws. State law requires tax authorities to publish the list of 500 twice a year.

But don’t expect California’s Franchise Tax Board to throw her a life preserver. Without the help of a tax attorney she’ll have to be her own lifeguard when it comes to swimming with tax agents.

Anderson’s no stranger to the good life. Just a few years out of high school, Anderson was put into the spotlight as a model for Playboy magazine in October 1989. A couple years later, she donned the trademark red one-piece bathing suit as lifeguard C.J. Parker in Baywatch.

But Anderson’s $524,241 in personal income tax debt won’t be saved by her current or former rock star boyfriends. States are stepping up their collection efforts against millionaires and other high-income earners to recoup tax revenue lost during the recession. That puts Anderson in the taxman’s cross heirs.

Chances are that California’s tax agents know who Pamela Anderson is. But even if they don’t, she’ll be taken more seriously if she hires a tax attorney.

Going head to head with someone like an IRS agent can be tough. But whether you’re a blonde bombshell or a plain Jane, hiring a tax attorney is one way to make sure the IRS treats you like a beauty queen.

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