Vincent G. from California

He saved $30,000! Yes, he pinched himself.

Vincent G. is a great example of a client getting a lot of bang for his buck. When he came to us he owed the IRS quite a bit of money, and because he had ignored the notices demanding repayment for so long, the IRS had placed a garnishment against his wages. But instead of tackling his IRS debt alone, Vincent did his due diligence, found us online and called us for help. The results were impressive! released Vincent’s monthly wage garnishment and negotiated a partial pay installment agreement of $100 per month on a $40,000 tax liability. The taxpayer saved about $30,000.

Many taxpayers don’t know about the partial payment plan, but when applied for correctly, it’s a terrific option that can have a dramatic effect on a taxpayer’s IRS liability. Just ask Vincent G. He has thirty thousand reasons to believe in it.

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