Strange IRS approved deductions

Every April people include the weirdest expenses as tax deductions, hoping to convince IRS agents and tax court officials that they were legitimate expenses that should help lower their tax burden. Sometimes they’re denied by tax courts, but other times they’re given the nod. Here are a few that have received a blessing from U.S. tax officials.

Swimming pool: After one man developed emphysema and his doctor told him to exercise, he built a swimming pool and had it deducted from his tax burden. Because it was used for health purposes, he got the expense, but trying to deduct a swimming pool that’s used recreationally won’t fly in front of a tax court.

Kids’ clarinet lessons: If your son or daughter has an overbite, Uncle Sam will allow you to write off their clarinet lessons. Orthodontists argued successfully that the lessons should be a legitimate medical expense as playing the clarinet helps with an overbite.

Back massages: If you’re required to see a chiropractor due to a medical condition, then you can write off the costs for massages and other services received.

Breast enhancement: A tax court allowed an exotic dancer to increase her breasts to a size 56-FF, as they were deemed a stage prop essential to her act.

Kicking the habit: If you’re a smoker looking to quit, the cost you pay for an anti-smoking program can be deducted. But over the counter aides like nicotine gum or patches don’t count.

Pet food: If you own a business and rely on a pet to protect your property, the cost of pet food and other supplies may be deductible. Cats are great for repelling and killing rats, and a burley canine can serve as a great guard dog protecting automobiles or other items.

Body oil: A professional bodybuilder had his costs for body oil approved as a deduction, claiming they were a business expense necessary for his profession (they highlight muscles).

Most people have no idea these deductions and others like them can be used on April 15 and don’t even think about hiring a tax attorney to help lower their tax burden. What you probably don’t know is that a tax attorney can also help you with wage garnishments and bank levies to solve your tax debt problem with the IRS, which is one tip worth looking into.

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