Tax Relief Review: John S. from Delaware

Our latest tax relief review reminds us how dangerous tax debts can be. Like a tiger, tax debts are hungry predators. Not only do they grow quickly, but they sneak up fast and without warning, inflicting an incredible amount of carnage to an unsuspecting taxpayer. If you don’t keep a close eye on your tax debt, it threatens your very livelihood.

Tax Relief Review: He saved over $500,000!

Take our client John S. for example. He was working when a notice of a wage garnishment in the mail signaled something bad was lurking. When he looked deeper, he was in for the shock of his life. Not only was the IRS threatening to take up to 75% of his income, they were also on the verge of levying his bank accounts and taking everything he had. Turns out, he owed a massive $588,206! Using his wits, he realized he was in over his head in the IRS jungle, and called for help. That was a very good decision. first filed the client’s delinquent 2001-2008 tax returns, stopped all collection actions on his accounts and since the IRS accepted his CNC status (currently non-collectible), when the statute of limitations expires it will have effectively reduced his balances from $588,206 to $50,726 thus saving client $537,480.

A Lesson Learned

Getting hit with a massive tax debt can be stressful for anyone. But clients like John S. show that with the right ammunition and the right people on your side, you too can come out safely from the IRS jungle.

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