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Top IRS Penalties and How to Avoid Them

While the IRS will never win a popularity contest, failing to obey tax laws or submitting a tax return with mistakes can subject you to penalties and fines. Use this penalty checklist as a guide to prepare accurate and timely tax returns. Tax Mistakes With IRS Penalties Forgetting to sign your return. Did you know […]

Tax Changes Coming for 2017

While many taxpayers consider January through April to be tax season, taxes are a year-round endeavor. Make sure you’re up to date on tax changes coming for 2017 to save yourself time and money at filing time. 2017 Tax Brackets and Deductions Low inflation has kept tax bracket adjustments to a minimum for 2017. Individuals […]

Healthcare and Taxes: What You Need to Know

Healthcare and taxes is a confusing subject in the United States, and it has been this way ever since Obamacare came into the picture. American taxpayers are obligated to get insured or face a tax penalty — but that’s just scraping the surface of how health insurance impacts taxes here. It’s a complex subject to […]

You Need to Know THIS About Reporting Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act has been debated since its inception, and now Trump’s executive order may have affected how you report your coverage on your tax return. The executive order gave the Department of Health and Human Services the authority to roll back certain aspects of the ACA. It appears that what this means for […]

How Moving Abroad Affects Your Taxes

Dreaming of Canada? Moving abroad can be a refreshing change, but many fail to realize how their taxes are affected – proper preparation is key. Read below to ensure your financials are in order before hopping on that plane! Continue U.S. Tax Returns Yes, you have to keep filing. Even if you qualify for an […]

Taxpayers Beware: What You Need to Know About IRS Impersonators

At the end of October, 20 arrests were made in connection to a lengthy IRS impersonation scam, that involved persons in 8 states in the U.S., as well as some in India, where the head conspirators resided. Fortunately, these scammers have been rightfully charged by the Department of Justice, but they got away stealing over […]

Donating This Year? How To Calculate the Value of Non-Cash Charitable Contributions?

Many taxpayers give to charity – but most don’t simply sign on the dotted line of a personal check. Donations come in forms of clothes, cans, electronics, and more. So how do you value these items for proper deduction? Read below to make sure your donations are giving back. Fair Market Value The most general […]

Tax Changes for 2016

Always prepare for filing changes one year ahead – that means getting educated on what’s to come and keeping tabs on documents, so you know how your tax refund may be affected. Each year, lawmakers tweak the terms for filing your taxes, but aren’t applicable until you file the next year. These 8 changes often […]

Need A Fresh Start After Having Back Tax Debt?

Get Relief Through The IRS’s Fresh Start Initiative Getting caught up in unpaid IRS back tax debt can have you asking yourself a bunch of questions. How can I pay off my IRS tax debt with a payment plan? Can I pay off my back tax debt for less than what’s owed? Am I in […]

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