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End Wage Garnishment

Frustrated by an IRS wage garnishment? Get a FULL paycheck and end IRS collections once and for all!

When the IRS or state has failed repeatedly to collect back taxes from individuals, they begin to seize assets. One of the assets that can be attached, and by far considered one of the most crippling, is a wage garnishment. After providing either ten, thirty or sixty day notice through certified mail, the IRS will send a notice to your employer forcing them to withhold up to 75% of your earnings to help satisfy the tax debt.

Why you received a wage garnishment:

  • The IRS sent a reminder notice.
  • The IRS sent several intent to levy notices.
  • The IRS sent a final notice of intent to levy.
  • The IRS issued a wage garnishment to your employer.

Wage garnishments are by far the most humiliating of all collection tactics, as they reveal your private financial burden to your employer and, in some instances, to your fellow co-workers. This means added work for your employer to fulfill it’s obligation to the appropriate tax authority, possible increased tension between taxpayer and employer, and can greatly impact job performance as it can create undo stress for the taxpayer.

A wage garnishment can be lifted fast!

Remember, a garnishment is designed for one purpose: to get the taxpayer’s attention quickly, and to force them to agree to the IRS’s terms. Often times this means agreeing to a costly payment plan, or waiving their valuable legal rights to get the garnishment lifted. Don’t live another day with a wage garnishment when you don’t have to! Our staff of tax professionals can quickly intercede to come between you and the IRS, to stop wage garnishments and get you back on your feet.

When you decide to take advantage of our services, we will immediately contact the taxing authority and negotiate for the release of the wage garnishment on your behalf. From there, we contact your payroll department and inform them once the garnishment is lifted. The process is fast, efficient, and in most cases the wage garnishment can generally be lifted within 7-14 days, plus or minus a few days depending on the circumstances surrounding the garnishment. If you’re suffering from a crippling wage garnishment that is taking up to 75% of what you earn, don’t wait any longer. We can help get you a fresh start.

Getting Help with your IRS Wage Garnishment

The first step towards successful resolution is to acknowledge that your tax debt and wage garnishment won’t go away on their own and to seek professional assistance. Our firm of tax relief attorneys and tax relief professionals has helped thousands of individuals and businesses just like you stop forced collections and finally resolve their tax debt.

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Our tax relief professionals will take the time to discuss your issue free of charge, and help map out the best solution moving forward. Rest assured, all information is confidential, and nothing will be shared.

We understand that you have many options when it comes to choosing the right tax relief firm, and we welcome the opportunity to help you patiently through this process and bring closure to this important financial consideration.

Don't tackle the IRS alone. We can help.