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How to Survive a Business Tax Audit

As a business owner, you put in hard work year round for your business. Growth, innovation, team building, and a commitment to your customers don’t just spring out of nowhere. They take time, dedica...

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IRS Hobby Guidelines Aim to Clear Confusion
They say that when you love your job, then it’s not really work. If you’re lucky to have your hobby as your job, then the rat race is something you can look forward to. Naturally, that means some hobby guidelines may kick in. When Pleasure Become...
Truly Terrifying IRS Horror Stories
If you’re looking for a scary story to tell over a fire this Halloween, look no further than the IRS. It’s time for some IRS horror stories. IRS Horror Stories The Internal Revenue Service is constantly vilified by politicians for its unforgi...
Deadline Fast Approaching for Tax Extensions
If you requested an extension to file your tax returns, your time is about to run out. The Oct. 17 deadline for income tax extensions is fast approaching for the 11 million taxpayers nationwide who requested one. About 10.1 million still hadn’t fil...
IRS Guidelines for Entrepreneurs
The American Dream is about many things, one of which is being able to start your own business and make it big. Part of that is paying your business taxes and staying in good graces with the IRS. Running afoul with Uncle Sam’s tax authorities can h...
Avoid IRS Audits by Being Organized
If you run your own business and write-off expenses on your tax returns, then keeping good records is a must. Taxes are a big reason why we keep our business records organized. They help us prepare our returns, separate taxable and non-taxable income...
Bigger Paychecks on the Horizon?
As the debate over the economy keeps running, so does Washington’s bickering and feuding. President Obama wants to put Americans back to work by having the government spend money fixing and building roads, bridges and schools. Republicans want to c...
Go Back to School on Uncle Sam!
It’s fall, and that usually means that it’s back to school season. If you’re not too cool, then school may be on your horizon. If you’re an adult, there are plenty of reasons to start hitting the books. It doesn’t matter whether it’s ...
Learning to Understand the IRS Levy
Tax debt accumulates in a variety of ways, but when taxpayer actions, or in this case, inaction, results in an IRS levy, one thing all taxpayers can agree on is that the result can be crippling. Learning about the IRS Levy To be clear, levies are not...
US Pushes Swiss Banks to Disclose Tax Evaders
When people think of Switzerland, they probably think of skiing on the Swiss Alps. Perhaps they think of neutrality during wars and its unique flag: a red square with a centered white cross. But now you might also think of tax evaders. Banking Haven ...
Amazon Fights Jungle-Sized Sales Tax
If there’s any company in the U.S. that can be called bold when it comes to avoiding taxes, it may be Amazon. And this time, they’re looking to avoid a sales tax. Company Uses Economic Might to Resist Millions in Taxes The shopping website an...
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